NSG Group Integrated Reports

Aiming for quick recovery of stable financial foundation and reform of business structure for sustainable growth

The integrated reports have been created in the form of electronic files rather than printed materials. Regarding Integrated Report 2020, we have decided not to produce it in booklet format as part of the business process reform under the influence of the spread of COVID-19 infection. We will provide the content scheduled to be published in the booklet on the website instead of publishing it on paper. We would like to ask our stakeholders for their understanding.

CEO Message

While affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will concentrate our efforts to quickly recover the stable financial foundation and to reform the business structure for realization of sustainable growth.

CFO Message

While paying close attention to future demand for the liquidity, we will continue to reduce costs, control capital expenditure, and dispose non-core businesses and assets, aiming to reduce interest-bearing debt.

Financial, Non-financial Highlight

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors should always keep an eye on such signs of changes in the business environment and their effects on the essential business structure of the Group. By discussing them comprehensively, it can supervise towards the right direction.

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