Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Adherence to regulations, including permits, licenses, building deeds and other requirements to which the NSG Group subscribes, is a fundamental condition for the fulfilment of the Sustainability Policy and the Environmental Policy.

Each site establishes and maintains procedures to identify and list all environmental laws, regulations, requirements and rules that apply to their operations.

Site registers for legal and other requirements include the source of a requirement (e. g. law, regulation, agreement or permit), the related environmental aspect of the site, the applicable obligations for the site and the responsibility and/or relevant procedures in place to fulfil the obligations.

Legal & other requirements are tracked - e. g. through a subscription service for all national and regional regulations. Respective changes are reviewed on how this new or changed requirement applies to the organization's environmental aspects. Applicable new or changed requirements are subsequently routed to the relevant level of responsibility in the organization.


Certified Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001 are implemented at the vast majority of the NSG glass melting and downstream manufacturing operations. This includes frequent internal as well as 3rd party Environmental audits to confirm ongoing effectiveness of the Envionmental Management, continuous improvemement and Environmental compliance monitoring.

Environmental Audit at an NSG plant


Despite the Environmental Compliance controls in place, some cases of Environmental Non-compliance occurred and sanctions were raised by authorities. They are registered as failures in the Environmental Management System and were subject to immediate corrective actions, root cause analysis and implementation of control measures.

Cases of significant fines:

Fine in FY2020 (China - Tianjin site)
Environmental Impact Assessment issue.
Corrective Action: The Environmental Impact Assessment of an additional production line has been conducted and the application process for the operational permit is ongoing.

Fine in FY2020 (China - Tianjin site)
VOC waste gas issue at a production line. VOCs discharged without installation of pollution treatment equipment.
Corrective action: In April 2020, an UV light oxygen catalysis purifier has been installed and put into use.

Fine in FY2019 (USA - Lexington site)
Overdue air permitting renewal application and incorrect/missing air reporting issues.
Corrective action: Air permit renewed and issued. Air reports corrected/completed and filed with authorities. Management of change and training systems at the site improved and implemented.