Health and Safety

Our safety programs emphasize the importance of our vision and values, that people are our most important asset and the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate is a core part of our ethical business philosophy.


Safety performance

Safety improvement begins with a focused approach to the prevention of conditions and behaviors which lead to injuries. NSG drives proactive safety by Measuring Safety 4 Ways, which includes:

  • Safety Improvement Plans (SIP) – reducing hazards and risks through planned improvements of conditions and behaviors that lead to incidents.
  • Incidents of High Potential Severity (IHPS) – reviewing all incidents with a critical eye, considering if they could have resulted in serious injury or fatality, and then taking preventative actions.
  • Key Safety Behaviors (KSB) – focus on how our employees complete tasks, working to reduce at-risk behaviors through frequent feedback.
  • The Significant Injury Rate (SIR) is our primary reactive indicator. SIR  records injuries requiring medical treatment or the reallocation of duties to allow an individual to continue working, expressed as a rate per 200,000 hours worked.


NSG Safety Day

The annual NSG Safety Day continues to be a successful global event. All sites organize health-related activities and employees are given the opportunity to improve their first aid, firefighting and emergency response skills.

Have a look into our Integrated Report to learn more about our initiatives and figures regarding Health and Safety.


Here, you'll find our NSG Group Health and Safety Policy.