Targets and Results

FY2024/3 targets and FY2023/3 progress

FY2024/3 target FY2023/3 progress
  • 8 percent reduction in CO2 intensity across glass manufacturing operations compared to CY2018
  • KPI of 0.73 kg CO2(e) / tonne glass (e) was measured during FY2023/3. This represents a 1.4% YoY improvement in the KPI since FY2022/3 (0.74 kg) and a 2.7% improvement vs baseline of FY2018/3 (0.75 kg) . This improvement was achieved via a combination of the continued efficiency improvements associated with the implementation of the NSG Group energy & carbon management program and increased activity in the procurement of renewable forms of energy.
  • 20 percent reduction of waste to landfill compared to FY2020/3
  • Waste to landfill increased by 2.0 kt to 21.6 kt in FY2023/3 versus FY2022/3 but reduced by 2.3% versus the baseline FY2020/3.
Human Capital
FY2024/3 target FY2023/3 progress
  • Reduction of Significant Injury Rate (20 percent vs. FY2020/3)
  • Significant Injury Rate was 0.32, a 3% increase compared to FY2022/3. We continue to focus on reducing all anxiety behaviors by strengthening leadership and communication around the Gemba Walk.
  • Employee Engagement, "Our Vision" penetration ratio (80 percent)
  • In an employee attitude survey conducted in January 2022, 84% responded positively to the question on whether their immediate supervisor's decisions are in line with the core values of Our Vision, confirming that the penetration of Our Vision among employees is improving.
  • Female managers in NSG Group
    • 12.7% as of 2021 June 30th
    • FY2024/3 target : female manager increase at least 1% in each SBU and Function compared to 2021 June 30st
  • Female managers in NSG Group was 14.4% as of 2022 December 31st, by 1.7 points improvement. The progress will be monitored half yearly and best practice will be shared.
Responsible sourcing
FY2024/3 target FY2023/3 progress
  • To achieve and maintain a 95 percent acceptance of the NSG Supplier Code of Conduct by our key suppliers.
  • 94% of Key suppliers have now agreed to the Supplier Code of Conduct or can demonstrate their own equivalent code. This is an improvement of 4 points compared to FY2021/3. We will continue our efforts to improve the acceptance rate of the Supplier Code of Conduct with regard to key themes such as human rights and the environment.
  • To assess and monitor the sustainability performance of 65 percent of our suppliers by external spend.
  • EcoVadis sustainability assessments completed for 60% of external supplier spend. This result is improved by 8% to that of FY2022/3. We will continue our efforts to improve assessment coverage.
  • To achieve and maintain an average 50 sustainability score for all assessed suppliers.
  • Average scoring of all suppliers Ecovadis assessments also increased by 2 pts to 61. In particular, the number of suppliers with low scores has decreased, leading to an improvement in scores.
Ethics & Compliance
FY2024/3 target FY2023/3 progress
  • Hotline utilization (Actual vs. benchmark data)
  • NSG Group received 175 reports for FY2023/3 with increase by 51 from FY2022/3. The benchmark for similar-sized enterprises in number of employees is 197 according to an external consulting firm. Group E&C continues to analyze variance between the number of the actually received reports vs. the benchmark data.
  • Increase of concern reports from Manager's Report Form targeting 30 percent of the total report
  • The ratio of reports from Manager's Report Form (MRF) was 34 percent of the total reports in FY2023/3 with increase by 6 points from FY2022/3. Group E&C continues to promote MRF via various communication channels such as internal bulletins and newsletters.
  • Education completion ratio (95 percent completion by managers by 5 days before the deadline of the education campaign)
  • 98.4 percent of Key Roles completed relevant trainings during the annual education campaign in FY2023/3. 78 percent of managers completed by 5 days before the deadline. Group E&C will continuously make its best effort to raise the training completion rates.
  • Top level communications (Minimum four annually (CEO/C-Suite))
  • Top level communications regarding ethics and compliance were made four times during the fiscal year such as an internal bulletin by the name of CEO, COO message video during the 2022 Ethics and Compliance Week.

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