1) Health Management

The NSG Group think "People are our most important asset", and health promotion is indispensable for employees to maximize their individual abilities, and it leads to the sustainable improvement of the company's value. In January 2020, we made a "Health Management Declaration" in Japan.

"Health Management Declaration"

In order to improve the sustainable value of the Group and contribute to society, we believe that the health of employees and their families is the foundation.

Since its establishment in 1918, Sumitomo's philosophy of "People are our most important asset" has been valued, and "Respect others and unleash their potential" has been set as the first core value in the current corporate principles "Our Vision".

Based on the idea, the Group is working on promoting the health of each and every employee and advancing the health management so that employees can maximize their abilities.

January 1st, 2020
Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
President and CEO  Shigeki Mori


The General Manager of the Sustainability Department is responsible for promoting health management, and discussions on this matter will be held at a meeting of the executive officers involved in Japan.

Main Initiatives

  1. Improvement of health literacy (health awareness) and promotion of health among employees and their families, health education and seminars, health promotion programs, and dissemination of health-related information.
  2. Health checkups and measures against lifestyle-related diseases, regular health checkups, specific health guidance, metabolic syndrome prevention, measures against passive smoking.
  3. Mental health measures, stress checks, counselling.
  4. Work style reform, optimization of working hours, promotion of paid leave, support for childcare and nursing care, flexible work styles (telework).

* "Health Management" is a registered trademark of the NPO Kenko Kanri Kenkyukai.

We have been working on health education and seminars to improve health literacy (awareness of health) and promote health of employees and their families, periodic health check-ups, specific health guidance, stress check and work styles reforms including curbing long working hours, promoting paid leave, childcare / long-term care support and flexible working style. We have been recognized as Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization since 2019. For example, in the FY2023, we conducted three video broadcasts targeting employees on topics such as smoking and women-specific health issues, with a total of 900 people watching.

<The Link Between Our Management Challenges, Specific Health Management Initiatives, and the Expected Effects on Addressing the Challenges through Their Implementation>

The key indicators related to Health Management for the FY2023 are as follows:

Regular Health Checkup Attendance Rate 92.9%
Comprehensive Medical Examination Attendance Rate 72.1%
Initial Consultation Rate for Specific Health Guidance 82.8%
Rate of Maintaining Appropriate Body Weight 67.2%
Smoking Rate 31.7%
Physical Activity Habits Rate 29.5%
Proportion of People Getting Sufficient Rest through Sleep 66.7%
Alcohol Consumption Habits Rate 15.2%
Absenteeism* 0.8%

(*Percentage of employees who were absent or on leave due to personal injury or illness out of the total number of employees)

Our company, based on the "Health Management Declaration" made by the President, reports and discusses annual activities with the management, while the secretariat, directors, and responsible personnel at each office, as well as the health insurance union, collaborate to promote these activities. We also provide progress updates and exchange views with the labor union on the current status and future direction of our initiatives.

2) Stress Check Program

Stress Check Program has been conducted in Japan since 2016. While the Group results are available, we provide feedback to each organization since employees' stress levels actually vary by organization and job description, in order to improve employees' stress at work.

This program also measures employees' satisfaction (engagement) with their jobs and the company, in terms of their wellbeing (physical, mental, and social wellbeing).

The key results of the FY2023 survey are as follows:

Participation Rate 88.2%
High-Stress Individuals Rate 12.6%
Engagement Score 46.5

We will reflect on these results to make the company more attractive and rewarding to work for.

3) Improving Working Environment

The NSG Group has been working to improve the environment for realizing diverse working styles in the "new normal" based on the demands of society and the guidelines of the government. Even after the transition of the novel coronavirus infection to a category 5 infectious disease, we are reviewing the way organizations and individuals should be and aim to work towards achieving a working style that maximizes productivity and performance.

Work style that is not bound by place and time

  • Expansion of remote work
  • Introduction of flexible time without core time

Business management focusing on an importance of communication

  • Promoting meetings online
  • Improvement of management of subordinates (introduction of regular check in)
  • Support managers for remote team management and communication
  • Setting up a remote counter for health consultations, etc.

Improvement of IT environment for working from home

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