Waste and Recycling

NSG Group promotes the efficient use, reuse, recovery and recycling of glass and other materials involved in glass manufacture, processing, packaging, and delivery.

Recycling of Glass
The glass manufacturing process itself produces very little waste material. All trimmed glass from the manufacturing processes of raw float glass plates is recycled back into the melting process. Cullet and rejected parts from further glass processing for Automotive or Architectural Glazing parts is recycled at the NSG Group glass melting process, that also saves furnace energy and leads to reduction in CO2 emissions, or given to external glass recycling partners.
Little glass cullet from Glass processing (3.4 kt in 2018) is sent to landfill – which is included in our related Sustainability improvement target and activities.
Innovation in cullet recycling
Our Watson Street plant continues to invest in plastic boxes to travel on float liners with customer glass deliveries. The collected downstream processed cullet is diverted from landfill and, when re-melted, reduces energy consumption and raw material decomposition, saving 3,000 tonnes COemissions per year.
Our VASA automotive glass plant in Argentina has invested in technology to allow the re-use of laminated glass back into the furnace. The process involved allows a previously unsuitable source of material to now be reused resulting in significant energy efficiency gains and CO2 savings.

Have a look into our Integrated Report to learn more about waste and recycling at NSG Group.