We aim to be a good neighbor, wherever we operate. We have around 27,000 permanent employees (as of the end of March 2020), with principal operations in Europe, Japan, North and South America, China and South and South East Asia.

The local communities throughout the world in which NSG Group operates are the foundation of our business and the lives of employees. Without a relationship of mutual benefit with these communities, the Group as a whole could not sustain its operation.

The effects of necessary investments on our communities are generally beneficial, bringing additional employment and economic benefits. For every investment we make, an impact assessment is conducted to ensure we understand and manage the likely effects on the community, the environment and the local economy.

As a responsible and often prominent member of the communities in which we operate, we believe it is important to be involved actively by leveraging our core business and management resources to help to address local issues.

Aims and objectives

We want our operations to function in healthy, thriving communities and to be seen as a good neighbor to those communities.

We know that if we want to operate effectively and to be able to expand or change when the time is right, we need the goodwill that comes from being an active supporter of the community.

In addition to our business investments helping to sustain local operations, we also invest in the communities in which we operate.

We aim to help - through direct cash donations to charities and other projects or through in-kind resources - to improve the health of the community or tackle specific social issues. We operate programs that assess and manage the impacts of our operations on communities, including entering, operating and exiting.


We also involve our staff in providing a lead in developing our relationships with the communities in which we operate. This can take the form of matching contributions raised by staff or allowing staff time to make personal contributions of time and effort in local projects.

Activities for Earth Day in North America

In recognition of the 49th Anniversary of Earth Day, NSG Group members at locations throughout North America (all strategic business units in USA, Canada and Mexico) undertook a variety of activities on and around 22nd April 2019. It's purpose was to help ensure a sustainable future through reducing environmental impacts to our air, land and water. The activiites also helped to raise the environmental awareness for employees.

Main activities included planting trees or flowers, and distribution of reusable grocery shopping bags and water bottles with NSG logo. Other activities focused on improvements to recycling, waste reduction and cleanup.

Earth Day is an important time to reflect on preservation and enhancement of the environment in which we live and work, and provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to a clean and safe environment. NSG Group will continue with these activities in the future.

Planting at Laurinburg
Cleanup at Northwood
Reusable grocery shopping bag


Bike-building in Canada

The employees at NGF Canada, one of the companies of NSG Group, took part in the bike-building competition and turned out ten bikes - together with safety helmets - to be passed on to the local Hope House charity which helps less fortunate people to rebuild their lives. Bike parts were sourced in the form of kits from local suppliers and the employees split into 10 teams to build - and decorate - the bikes. All the participants really empathized with the idea that our bike-building activity will go on to help people in the local community for a long time to come.

At the end of the event, reusable water bottles made by Cupanion, a local company, were distributed to the participants. Every time the user refills the bottle, they scan the barcode with their phone and Cupanion donates the cost of a cup of clean water to the Deliver Life Program in Sub-Saharan Africa. The scheme brings vital refreshment to water-poor communities in Africa as well as to the employees themselves.


Tree planting in Argentina

At VASA in Argentina, one of the companies of NSG Group, the employees and their families built composters with recycled wood from our process, and planted native trees on site.

A specialist was invited to the site and taught participants about planting including compost, native tree species and recycling. They learned reforestations techniques, and children also learned about recycling through playing games.

Many trees that were planted are going to be donated to local authorities in order to reforest some green area of the communities.


10th anniversary in Italy

At Primo, NSG Group plant in San Salvo, Italy, 230 employees and their families celebrated 10 years of activity since opening the plant on 16th September in 2019. The plant has been contributing to society through producing heated windshields and wired glass. The plant has been focusing on safety measures and received the Confindustria National Safety Award in 2014.

At the ceremony, the Mayor of San Salvo, Tiziana Magnacca, thanked the top management for choosing this area as site for the Primo plant, and expressed his gratitude to employees and their families for 10 years activities here.

After viewing a video about the production process and conducting a plant tour for deeper understanding of its operation, the cutting of the cake closed the important Open Day anniversary. The plant will continue to contribute to society through the manufacture of glass products.


Local Cleaning Activities in Japan

At all plants (Chiba, Maizuru, Kyoto, Yokkaichi, Tsu, and Tarui) of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd (NSG) it is considered that connections with and contribution to local communities are important. That is why they have been engaged in local cleanup activities for many years. At Chiba, employees have participated in the "National Route 16 Clean Day" as part of the “Volunteer Support Program” sponsored by local companies and supported by Ichihara City for 17 years. At Maizuru, employees take part in the "Maizuru Clean Campain" hosted by Maizuru City every year. In addition, employees at Yokkaichi and Tsu have also been involved in activites of the community cleaning day for many years, in which a total of 200 employees participated in 2019. At Tarui, employees have helped cleaning the Aikawa river which is a place of recreation and relaxation for the local community for 38 years.

Each plant of NSG will continue to strengthen ties with local communities and develop with the people in these communities.

Cleaning activity at Chiba/ Maizuru/ Tarui