We aim to be a good neighbor, wherever we operate. We have around 26,000 permanent employees (as of the end of March 2022), with principal operations in Europe, Japan, North and South America, China and South and South East Asia.

The local communities throughout the world in which NSG Group operates are the foundation of our business and the lives of employees. Without a relationship of mutual benefit with these communities, the Group as a whole could not sustain its operation.

The effects of necessary investments on our communities are generally beneficial, bringing additional employment and economic benefits. For every investment we make, an impact assessment is conducted to ensure we understand and manage the likely effects on the community, the environment and the local economy.

As a responsible and often prominent member of the communities in which we operate, we believe it is important to be involved actively by leveraging our core business and management resources to help to address local issues.

Aims and objectives

We want our operations to function in healthy, thriving communities and to be seen as a good neighbor to those communities. We know that if we want to operate effectively and to be able to expand or change when the time is right, we need the goodwill that comes from being an active supporter of the community.

In addition to our business investments helping to sustain local operations, we also invest in the communities in which we operate. We aim to help - through direct cash donations to charities and other projects or through in-kind resources - to improve the health of the community or tackle specific social issues. We operate programs that assess and manage the impacts of our operations on communities, including entering, operating and exiting.

We also involve our staff in providing a lead in developing our relationships with the communities in which we operate. This can take the form of matching contributions raised by staff or allowing staff time to make personal contributions of time and effort in local projects.

Initiatives on "Earth Day" in North America

On Earth Day, a day proposed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1969 and celebrated annually on April 22 to think about the global environment, a variety of environment-related events were held at NSG Group sites around the world.

In Mexicali, North America, NSG Group employees and the local community came together to recycle books, magazines, electronics, and other items from their homes, with NSG senior management taking the leadership role in bringing families of employees and local residents together for a day of fun and learning about the importance of environmental protection through games and other activities. The day was spent learning about the importance of environmental protection while having fun through games and other activities.

On the same Earth Day, the Northwood and Toledo sites joined with the non-profit organization Soles 4 Souls to collect gently used shoes. The 135 pairs of shoes collected were donated to people in impoverished countries through this organization.

Recycling of vegetable oil in South America

In Brazil, 1 billion liters of vegetable oil are incorrectly discarded every year. This practice causes serious environmental impacts and many other problems. To reduce this impact NSG has launched a project to recycle the oil used at its installations.

1 liter of used vegetal oil can contaminate 20.000 liters of water

NSG initiative to reduce the impact on the environment

  • The first phase of this project is already in place and consists of sending the vegetable oil generated in our plant (AGR BRAZIL) to a company that transforms it into a bio-diesel;
  • The next step will be extension of this project to the home of our employees.
  • A designed container will be provided by the supplier in order to collect the oil brought from our employees in a PET bottle;
  • This container will be placed at the BDC site, and it will be collected whenever required;
  • The family and community participation will enhance even more this project.
  • Involvement of employee families and community.

Initiatives at Inclusion Day in EU

In June 2022 the NSG Group Automotive Plant in Sagunto Spain held it 1st Inclusion Day event. The event was organised between the plant teams and the local sports club ISD Huracan Puerto de Sagunto. (sports club that promotes, trains, and organizes the integration of athletes with disabilities)

The event included over 200 adults and children from the local area and was attended by local authorities, representatives of around 10 sports clubs, and by Christian Perez - one of Spain's top para-athletes and local dignitaries.

The day was a great success with lots of individuals participating in the activities. The event raised around 1000 Euro, which together with NSG contribution of 2000 euro, will go towards providing a handbike which is a specially designed bicycle for para-athletes and an athletics wheelchair to support the local para-athletes.

Contributing to the Community through the New Coronavirus Vaccine Workplace Immunization Project in Asia

In June 2021, the Maizuru Plant decided to participate in the government-sponsored vaccination program in the workplace, and has participated in the program from the first vaccination to the third vaccination. The vaccination program was not limited to NSG employees working at the plant, but also included employees of partner companies and their families. In addition, while sharing information with the city of Maizuru, we expanded vaccination opportunities to include Japan Coast Guard personnel and students of the Coast Guard Academy, resulting in a total of more than 1,200 vaccinations outside of NSG and contributing to infection prevention in the Maizuru area.

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