Pass Only Good Glass

The NSG key initiative to drive quality improvement is “Pass Only Good Glass” (POGG).

The goal of the Pass Only Good Glass program is to improve quality and yield performance by stopping and preventing defects at source. This protects our customers and also allows us to focus on internal cost reduction.

The Pass Only Good Glass program utilises a toolbox of quality improvement methods within a structured approach working across the whole production environment.

Prevention of defects using SPC and the implementation of automatic inspection systems for monitoring of key quality charactersitics are two focus areas for POGG.

Pass Only Good Glass focuses on prevention of defects

Example: Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical process control is a key element of our Pass Only Good Glass focus. Preventing the generation of defects offers the best value for both NSG and our customers.

NSG operates statistical process control in many areas of our operations with particular focus in growth areas such as our coated product portfolio.

SPC tools are established within our Sequoia Manufacturing Execution System. This also provides operators with precise instructions for the adjustment of the manufacturing process allowing close control of product quality and process capability.

Statistical Process Control for coated products

Example: Automatic Inspection Systems (AIS)

The Augmented Reality Head Up Display (AR-HUD), a technology which allows us to trace the exact routes of the navigator in our field of vision and offers relevant information in real time, requires high quality windshields. By controling the quality of characteristics of the glass using automatic inspection systems, NSG provides our customers with the high-quality windshields required for AR-HUD.

Quality Inspection of Windscreens for HUD Display using automatic inspection system (AIS)

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