Pass Only Good Glass

A Right First Time philosophy supports consistent performance for both ongoing supply and the introduction of new products and services. Within NSG a “Pass Only Good Glass” (POGG) initiative has been introduced to drive quality improvement and further mitigate our quality risk. The goal of the Pass Only Good Glass program is to improve quality and yield performance by stopping and preventing defects at source. This protects our customers and also allows us to focus on internal cost reduction.

The Pass Only Good Glass program utilizes a toolbox of quality improvement methods within a structured approach working across the whole production environment.

Example: Automotive Traceability

Part level traceability within our Automotive SBU has been a key challenge for sites working to trace product quality issues right back to source. This requires marking of each piece of glass within a serial number.

A pilot application of a new traceability solution in North America has now concluded with excellent feedback from the customer and the goal is now to expand this approach more widely to support the detailed investigation of quality issues.

Example: Collaborative Robots

Use of collaborative robots (cobots) is being rolled out as a project designed to eliminate human error during repetitive or difficult task involved in the production of Automotive parts. A key feature is the possibility for the robot to work with an operator without safety risk and the cobots are able to learn to replicate operator movements.