President and Chief Executive Officer's introduction

Key message

The challenges we face in managing the world’s limited resources have shaped our vision "Changing our surroundings, improving our world", and our commitment to the sustainable development of the NSG Group.

Glass production is an energy intensive process and yet the application of glass can offer society opportunities to mitigate climate change. Our businesses always endeavour to make a positive social and environmental contribution to the value chains in which we operate and we can only achieve our sustainability objectives by balancing the needs of all our stakeholders.

The new sustainability targets discussed in this report emphasize the long term strategic priorities for the NSG Group and the progress we have made towards their attainment. By managing the environmental impact of our activities, we are able to work in harmony with our communities and we will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our energy efficiency and resource management. This year we have continued to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through improved utilization of our facilities and energy saving initiatives.

The health and safety of our employees, and of all our stakeholders, is fundamental to our business. The annual ‘NSG Group Safety Day’ clearly demonstrates our commitment to this principle and as a member of the UN Global Compact, we support the advancement of all its principles. Our Code of Ethics, a natural extension to the UN Global compact, provides practical guidance on how we should conduct ourselves in our day-to-day business.

Good corporate governance is a foundation for the sustainable development of the NSG Group. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines are defined to strengthen this purpose and to signify our support for the Principles of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Code.

Working safely and ethically, we will continue to embed the principles of sustainability within the NSG Group and to make a positive contribution to our environment.

Shigeki Mori