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What Specialty Glass Products are

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'glass'? You probably think of windows, smartphones, tableware, and many other glass products around you. Actually, glass is much more versatile and ubiquitous. Although it may be out of sight or less conspicuous, glass plays a very important role in many aspects of our lives. In this article, we would like to showcase Specialty Glass Products, which are the front-runner of materials indispensable among NSG's glass products. Please enjoy the passion of manufacturers and the fascinating world of original products.


Have you noticed eye shadow, lipstick or foundation that shine brilliantly like pearls? In fact, glass powder is used in these cosmetics. In other words, the objects that give the appearance of beautifully shining pearls are ultra-fine flake-shaped glass. NSG offers a broad line-up of glass products as raw materials for cosmetics. Here, we highlight METASHINE®, inorganic pearl pigments for use in point make-up products such as eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish, and MAR'VINA, glass powder for use in base make-up products such as foundation, primer, and face powder.

METASHINE®, inorganic pearl pigments for use in point make-up cosmetics

The eye make-up and lip make-up for pearlescent lustre or lame-like metallic sheen are popular these days. The splendour of shimmering glow, which is characteristic at the forefront of current trends in make-up, is partly enabled by NSG's METASHINE®. Sharp brilliance and unclouded colour obtained with glass flakes is unrivalled by any other pearlescent materials. METASHINE® is highly valued for these unique attributes in the world of point make-up and used in many cosmetics products that you see.

METASHINE® is produced using NSG's proprietary technology to coat the surface of flake-shaped glass substrate with metal or metal oxide. The smooth and transparent surface of glass allows for strong light reflection and clear colours. Moreover, by applying different types of coating materials and adjusting the size of glass substrate, it is possible to produce pearlescent materials in diverse colours and radiance. With its limitless potential, METASHINE® is sure to adorn the new world of point make-up.


MAR'VINA, glass powder for use in base make-up cosmetics

You will expect clear and pore-less skin free from blemishes and wrinkles when finished with foundation and other base make-up. Glass plays a key role in such beautiful finishing touches. That is why NSG's glass powder MAR'VINA is used for base make-up cosmetics that feature transparency.

MAR'VINA is produced using a new technology for ultra-fine glass powder to achieve the base make-up with even gloss through light-diffusion effects. Transparent glass blends in with any skin tone allowing for a natural finish.

In addition, aiming at the glass that is friendly to both skin and the environment, NSG has developed a unique glass composition, which is made of carefully selected raw materials of 100% natural origin and with minimal impurities (100% natural origin index *Based on ISO 16128). As a glass product that provides stress-free application for both your skin and the environment, we see a growing opportunity for MAR'VIA as a base make-up material.


Recently, blocking near-infrared light as well as ultraviolet light has been one of focal points from the anti-aging standpoint. We succeeded in developing pearlescent glass material that can intercept near-infrared light by controlling the thickness of glass coating materials at a nano level. As a glass product that combines both glossy effect and the functionality to intercept harmful sun rays, MAR’VINA is expected to be used increasingly widely for the base make-up to realize beautiful skin as well as protection of the skin.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people's lives dramatically. With more time spent at home, the terms “study from home” or “work from home” have become more frequently used. In response to such changes, demand for MFPs (multi-function printers) with copying and scanning functions has skyrocketed. Many of you may have purchased one for home use.

Actually, NSG's glass products are used in your MFPs. When it comes to glass in MFPs, many people think of the scanner's document stand, but in fact there are also other applications.


Scanning unit in MFP

For example, glass lenses are used in scanning units and this is where NSG's SLA (SELFOC® Lens Array) provides a solution.

SELFOC® is a gradient-index lens developed by NSG. It is a thin glass rod or filament whose refractive index decreases in a parabolic shape from the central to the peripheral areas. It can transmit light beams in a sinusoidal shape. In addition, it works as a highly functional lens without using a spherical process.


SELFOC® concept map

SLA in a scanning unit comprises approximately 1,000 SELFOC® micro lenses of 0.3mm in diameter, arrayed in the longitudinal direction. By precisely arranging the lenses with uniform properties realized by our proprietary technology, SLA forms a liner, erect 1:1 image by itself. With SLA, information on paper can be read without having to combine multiple lenses and mirrors. SLA is a key component for reducing the size of the MFP scanning unit.


Smaller scanner with SLA installation (right)

As the only manufacturer of the glass lens array for MFP scanners, NSG has established a leading position in the area of specialty glass products. SELFOC®, which enables a simple and compact optical system, is used in various fields such as automated optical inspection and optical communications, and it is expected to grow further in the future.

Future Outlook

NSG boasts many other Only One / Number One glass products. We will strive to create new value based on glass for people's better lives and a brighter future. Please stay tuned for more specialty glass products from NSG!

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