Various roles of Displays and Digital Signage

Digital Signage and Displays have become an integral part of daily life. However, the impact and value of these displays can often be overlooked. NSG Group contributes to the segment of display and signage through a variety of glass products that are adapted to the latest technologies. This month's content features the latest in displays and digital signage.

Evolving Display and Digital Signage

Cohda - Power Tap® (P-Tap®)

NSG Group supplies its NSG TEC electrically conductive glass to customers of Cohda, which combines the product with its patented Power-Tap® (P-Tap®) wireless power technology. P-Tap® technology allows electricity or data to be transferred wirelessly through a transparent conductive coating to power any device. This allows the glass to act as a wire, transferring power out through contact alone.

Photography: © Cohda Design Limited

Embedded LED

LEDs built into the glass can be turned on at any time, allowing various designs to be projected without obstructing the view while maintaining transparency.

It could turn the building and transparent glass into a display.

Credit - Yongsan Electronic Shopping Mall, Seoul, Korea
Photos courtesy YELIM GMS Corp, Seoul, Korea

Display readability

By reducing reflections caused by glass, information on the device can be read more easily.

With these properties, our glass products are used for car monitor screens and outdoor signage.

Anti-microbial coatings

Eliminates bacteria that cause stains and odours by applying a special coating to the glass.

The use of such glass in medical devices and touchscreens can help reduce infection and improve air quality.

Embedded mirror displays

It improves connectivity with others and social aspects of in-person with seamless design aesthetic.

Hidden aspect minimizes visible intrusion of electronics in everyday life.

Hidden displays

Make devices invisible and create a smart atmosphere that integrates design and communication.

Photography: Virginia Tech

Communication tools

Digital signage is capable of communicating information in real-time.

During Hurricane Sandy in New York, digital signage around the city was used to update egress and safety messages to residents providing life-saving information on transportation and medical updates.

Outdoor signage

Provides potential for real-time and dynamic updates, less employee interaction and exposure, and improved communication capabilities.

Heat management and HVAC load of units can be managed with proper glass and coatings.

Speciality Glass for Chemical Strengthening

The specialty glass for chemical strengthening, Glanova is the best material for the automotive applications. NSG Group's Glanova is used as a cover glass or component in all kinds of devices due to the following properties.

  • High and sufficient strength
  • Easy heat 3D forming by its low softening point
  • Suitable for molding more complicated 3D shapes.
  • Variety of thicknesses available (0.28mm~2.8mm)

Technical roadmap for glanova

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