Proposed Changes in Board Membershipb

19 May 2009
Nippon Sheet Glass Company Ltd, (hereinafter “the Company”) announces that today the following changes to Board membership were agreed.

As announced by the Company on 1 July 2008, Pat Zito retired from the Company in March 2009 after 33 years service. He was replaced as Head of Automotive Worldwide by Mike Fallon. Mike Fallon now joins the Board as an executive director.

Sumitaka Fujita joins the Board as an external director. He brings to the Board extensive industrial and international experience. He has been a Senior Corporate Advisor to the Itochu Corporation since June 2008. He is a statutory auditor of Nippon Koa Insurance, a Director of Furukawa Electric Co Ltd, Chairman of the Japan-Turkmenistan Economic Committee and a Board Member of the Japan Institute of International Affairs.

Concurrently, Noritaka Kurauchi retires from the Board. The Board takes this opportunity to thank Mr Kurauchi for his valuable contribution to the work of the Board over the past six years.

The proposed changes are subject to shareholder agreement and will be formally decided at the 143rd Ordinary Shareholders' General Meeting, which will be held on 26 June 2009 and at a meeting of the Company's board following the shareholders meeting. The changes and appointments will take effect immediately following such approval on that date.