Adoption of Medium-Term Plan (April 2007 - March 2011)

21 Nov 2006
This is to announce that the Company has officially adopted the Medium-Term Plan,from April 2007 through March 2011.

1. Long –Term Vision and the Medium-Term Plan as its first stage.

The Company completed procedures for acquiring the UK company Pilkington in June 2006, and assimilation of Pilkington as a wholly-owned subsidiary has brought about major changes not only in the Company’s business structure but also in the Company’s operating environment and issues to be addressed.

Given a managerial environment characterized by growing global competition, rapidly changing business circumstances, and expanding social responsibilities for companies, the new Nippon Sheet Glass Group will seek to make the concept “People are the most important assent of our company.” a value shared worldwide and to become the world’s number one flat glass company, with very strong positions in terms of size and financial performance.

The Company would also like to expand its business scope even further over the long term, extending its reach beyond architectural and automotive flat glass and sharpening its edge in the information and electronics and glass fiber sectors and in the Company’s market and technological assets.

To achieve this business objective, the Company will be implementing a ten-year strategy from FY2008 to FY2017 in three stages.

Long Term Vision

Long Term Vision diagram


The Company has recently set out a four-year medium-term plan starting from April 2007 as the first stage. This plan aims to integrate the Group’s strength and expand its performance by continuing efforts to restore financial soundness, placing emphasis on improving productivity and quality, and endeavoring to distinguish itself from its competitors.


Goal diagram

2. Financial Target (FY2011 - The year ends in March 2011)


[ FY06 Result ]

[ FY11 Target ]


JPY 265.9 B

JPY 900.0 B

Operating Income

JPY 8.4 B

JPY 55.0 B

Net Income

JPY 7.8 B

JPY 31.0 B



6.0% or more

3. Strategy by Business

(1) Building Products

  • Creating competitive positions in a number of growing markets.
  • Enhancing value-added products in developed countries by application of respective strength in know-how and technologies.

(2) Automotive Glass

  • Enhancing Global leading position. Quality and cost leadership globally.
  • Launch in the same quality and timing globally.
  • Improvement in Capacity Utilisation & efficiency. Control CAPEX.

(3) Others

  • IT: Continuous product development of the new generation based on the stable cash flow from existing businesses.
  • Enhancing the leading position in niche market and global collaborations.

(Vision for the business and Strategy)

Vision for the business

Vision for the business diagram

(Vision for the business and Strategy)


Strategy diagram


Click here to download or view on screen the Medium-Term Plan (FY2008-FY2011)