NSG Group and Hakusan to Exhibit Jointly Developed Multi-Fiber Optical Connector for Immersion Cooling

03 Jun 2024

First in the World at COMNEXT

NSG Group and Hakusan Inc. are pleased to announce that they are exhibiting “Grin EB® Connector”, a multi-fiber optical connector for immersion cooling under joint development for the first time in the world at COMNEXT -2nd Next Generation Communication Technology & Solutions Expo to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 26, 2024.

With the recent spread of cloud computing services and AI, the volume of data communication is dramatically increasing, and the energy load for cooling servers and other equipment in data centers continues to rise in line with the increase in the volume of data communication. In this situation, immersion cooling technology*1, which cools server equipment by directly immersing it in a refrigerant liquid, has also been tested in Japan as a key technology for reducing power consumption in data centers due to its superior energy-saving performance, and the development of related peripheral technologies is also being rapidly progressed.

This product was developed in response to the growing need for optical connectors*2 for immersion cooling by taking both advantage of Hakusan's technology, which has the second largest share of the global market for MT ferrules*3, a multi-fiber optical connector component, and also the features of NSG Group’s ultra-fine lens (125µm, the same diameter as optical fiber), SELFOC® Micro Lens*4 that can be used even in refrigerant liquid.

While conventional optical connectors used in immersion-cooled equipment have possibility to have been plagued by communication failures due to contamination by refrigerant liquid, this newly developed product can ensure the quality of communication by the effect of beam expansion and collimation by the lens.

The outline of the exhibition is as followed. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Developing Multifiber Optical Connectors "GrinEB® Connector"

Ultra-Fine SELFOC® Micro Lens

[Exhibit Outline (Exhibitor: Hakusan Inc.)]

Exhibition name COMNEXT -2nd Next Generation Communication Technology & Solutions Expo
Date Wednesday, June 26 - Friday, June 28, 2024, 10:00 - 18:00 (Last day ends at 17:00)

Tokyo Big Sight (South Exhibition Halls)

Access: https://www.bigsight.jp/english/visitor/access/

Booth Fiber Optic Communications World (FOE) Booth "3-20"
Organizer RX Japan Ltd.

*Pre-registration is required.


[About Terms]

*1 Immersion Cooling Technology

This is a technology that effectively cools equipment such as servers by immersing the entire device in a special liquid that does not conduct electricity and bringing the refrigerant liquid into direct contact with the device. Due to the dramatic increase in the volume of data communications and data centers, it is predicted* that by 2030 the world's power consumption for data communications will reach the equivalent of the annual power consumption in 2022, making the curbing of power consumption an urgent issue. Of the power consumed by these data centers, 30-40% is due to equipment cooling, and it is believed that energy savings can be achieved by cooling servers more efficiently.

*Source: Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency(2019) "Impact of Progress of Information Society on Energy Consumption (Vol.1):Current Status and Future Prospects for Power Consumption of IT Equipment"

Photo: Nihon Form Service Co., Ltd.

*2 Optical Connector

Optical connectors are components used to connect optical fibers. It consists of a "connector body," a "ferrule" that fixes the fiber, and an "interlocking mechanism" that provides a mechanical connection between the connector body and the device. Multi-fiber optical connectors are also used to connect multiple optical fibers to ensure signal transmission quality and reliability in optical fiber communication systems. Multifiber optical connectors are generally available in 2-fiber, 4-fiber, 8-fiber, 12-fiber, and 24-fiber types, depending on the number of optical fibers.

■Explanation site: https://hakusan-mfg.co.jp/news/243/

*3 MT Ferrule

This is a key component of a connector called a multi-fiber optical connector that mechanically connects optical fibers together. The end face of the coffee bean-sized component has a fiber hole that can accommodate multiple optical fibers.

■Product site: https://hakusan-mfg.co.jp/products/optical/

*4 125µm ultra-fine SELFOC® Micro Lens

This product is designed for the all-optical networking of communication infrastructure and immersion cooling technology that are being considered in the Beyond 5G era, where explosive increases in communication volume and network-connected devices are expected. By using a lens with a diameter of 125 μm, which is the same diameter as that of an optical fiber, the product will help reduce the size and performance of devices connecting optical fibers and individual terminals via optical signals, while at the same time making a significant contribution to energy-saving measures, which have been a concern in recent years.

■Product site: https://selfoc.jp/eng/product/sml/

About NSG Group (Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., and its group companies)

NSG Group is the world's leading supplier of glass and glazing systems in the business areas of Architectural, Automotive, and Creative Technology.

Architectural manufactures and supplies architectural glass as well as glass for the solar energy and other sectors.

Automotive serves the original equipment (OE) and aftermarket replacement (AGR) glazing markets.

Creative Technology comprises several discrete businesses, including lenses for printers and scanners, specialty glass fibers and glass flakes, mainly glass cord, which is a reinforcing material for timing belts, and Fine Glass products. https://www.nsg.com

About Hakusan Inc.

Hakusan Inc. is a company that supports telecommunications infrastructure behind the scenes and contributes to the realization of a society in which people are connected by networks.

Its flagship product, MT Ferrule, a component for multi-fiber optical connectors, currently holds the second largest market share in the world.

In addition, the IOWN concept, a low-power, low-latency, large-capacity, high-quality communication network, was proposed by NTT in 2019.

To realize this concept, we are working on the development of optical connectivity technologies and products that contribute to the key technology, "optoelectronic convergence technology".

Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Certification as a 2020 Global Niche Top Company

NSG Group
Information & Telecommunication Device Division
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Hakusan Inc.
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NSG Group
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Hakusan Inc.
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