Energy-saving Electrochromic Installed in Japan in “Kudan Kaikan Terrace”

25 Jan 2023

NSG Group announces that the energy-saving electrochromic (dynamic light control) window "View Smart Glass" was adopted for the first case in the new "Kudan Kaikan Terrace" (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) in Japan. This new office building opened on 1 October 2022.

What is "View Smart Glass"?

The smart electrochromic (dynamic light control) glass “View Smart Glass” developed by the US based company View, Inc. changes the tint of the electrochromic film, which is composed of a transparent conductive metal coated on the glass surface, by applying controlled voltage. It can change the transmittance of visible light, UV rays, and solar radiation. The tint can be adjusted in four stages suppressing the light transmittance to a minimum of 1% without using any blinds or sunshades. To date, many facilities such as offices, schools, airports, and hotels in the United States and other countries have installed the windows.

At the Kudan Kaikan Terrace, which was one of the first office buildings in Japan to utilize View Smart Glass, the incorporated IGU is installed on the office entrance, the plaza as a node to each area, and the first floor. Using data from multiple sources, including sensors installed on the roof of the building, artificial intelligence automatically determines how much to adjust the transmittance of the glass, optimizing the amount of natural light and heat entering the room throughout the day. While ensuring a beautiful view of the Palace Gardens without any restrictions, it is possible to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and lighting.

Installation of the Kudan Kaikan Terrace
(1st floor terrace)

"View Smart Glass" 4-step adjustment image of transmittance (Photo courtesy of View, Inc.)

Relationship between View, Inc. and NSG Group

NSG Group has a long-term cooperative relationship with View, Inc. from the initial development stage of the product to the present. Both parties fully cooperated in the adoption and delivery of this product for the Kudan Kaikan Terrace project. Both are also planning to continue co-working on future expansion in Japan, for the time being limited to large-scale projects.

NSG Group is promoting "Expansion of Value-Added Business” as one of the measures listed in the medium-term management plan "Revival Plan 24 (RP24)". The announcement to expand our proprietary products is part of this strategy. The Group will continue its efforts to realize its Medium-Term Vision to be “A global glass supplier contributing to the world with high value-added glass products and services”.

About the NSG Group (Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. and its group companies)

The NSG Group is the world's leading supplier of glass and glazing systems in the business areas of Architectural, Automotive and Creative Technology.

Architectural manufactures and supplies architectural glass as well as glass for the solar energy and other sectors.

Automotive serves the original equipment (OE) and aftermarket replacement (AGR) glazing markets.

Creative Technology comprises several discrete businesses, including lenses and light guides for printers and scanners, and specialty glass fiber products such as glass cord for timing belts and glass flake.

About View, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW)

HQ Office: MILPITAS, California, USA

CEO: Dr. Rao Mulpuri

View delivers optimal human experiences in buildings. We started by revolutionizing something that hadn’t changed for centuries—the simple window—and in so doing, built the only complete, modular, cloud-native platform to deliver on the promise of smart buildings. View Smart Glass and the Smart Building Cloud transform buildings into responsive environments that continuously adjust to meet human needs for natural light, connection to nature, fresh air, and comfortable temperatures while improving energy efficiency and increasing profits for building owners and their tenants. Today, View’s products are installed and designed into more than 100 million square feet of buildings, including offices, apartments, schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels. Learn more at

About Kudan Kaikan Terrace

The Kudan Kaikan Terrace (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo), a project jointly promoted by Tokyu Land Corporation and Kajima Corporation, was rebuilt while preserving part of the former Kudan Kaikan, a registered tangible cultural property building. It consists of a preservation part that was preserved and restored using the valuable technology of the time of its construction, and a new part that will be a state-of-the-art 17-story office facing the moat of the Palace and using IoT. It is a retro-modern facility that fuses old and new. The facility is equipped with various ancillary facilities such as a membership shared office, a banquet hall that maintains and restores the original design, a clinic mall, and stores.

Completed Kudan Kaikan Terrace

Reference: "KUDAN-KAIKAN TERRACE" Scheduled to Open on 1 October 2022

(Announcement by Tokyu Land Corporation and Kajima Corporation on 8 September, 2022 - Japanese Only)

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