Our Suppliers

The NSG Group aims to enjoy the highest reputation worldwide for the professional, legal and ethical way in which it conducts its business. To manufacture and supply superior quality glass products to our customers, we aim to build strong relationships with suppliers that are based on a framework of trust, cooperation and sustainability.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the behaviours, processes and procedures which we observe as the standards we expect from our suppliers. The overriding intention is that our suppliers will carry out their business in a safe, professional, legal and ethical manner and in a way that demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

We expect our suppliers to achieve and maintain high standards throughout the supply chain, but with particular attention to the following:

  • Good governance
    Our suppliers must accept personal responsibility for behaving professionally, ethically and with integrity and fairness.
  • Social responsibility
    All our suppliers must conform to the relevant international Labour Organisation Labour Standards as a minimum requirement.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Our suppliers must recognise the crucial importance of their role in reducing environmental impacts.

It is the responsibility of all our suppliers to follow the principles of this code to ensure compliance with our requirements and supplier audits.  Failure to meet our standards could result in the loss of business with NSG Group.

NSG Group asks that all new and existing suppliers agree to our Code of Conduct as a pre-requisite for conducting business with us. 

If you have any queries or concerns about the Code of Conduct please get in touch with your usual Procurement contact. Thank you for your co-operation.

The code is available in several languages below:

Communication and Cooperation

In line with our Sustainability Policy, we communicate with and work constructively with our suppliers and governments, regulatory agencies and other relevant stakeholders, to develop and encourage business and community practices that make progress towards the common aim of sustainable development.

We expect our suppliers to uphold the same standards in dealing with their own suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors – and to be able to provide evidence of this if requested.

For more details on sustainability activities, policies and procedures please visit the NSG Group Sustainability section.

Ethical Procurement

As NSG employees, the members of Group Procurement must observe all chapters within the NSG Group Code of Conduct including:

  • When dealing with suppliers in other countries, we must observe the local laws and regulations
  • Group Procurement must consider the impact that the sourcing, product and its disposal has on the environment
  • In dealing with suppliers we will not knowingly compromise safety for other factors such as lower cost, higher quality, quicker delivery
  • In dealings with suppliers we must ensure protection on NSG confidential information and intellectual property, in addition to the rights and usage of other companies’ confidential information