eSourcing and Contracts with Suppliers


NSG uses Ariba as its eSourcing, eContracting and eInvoicing service provider.

Suppliers who have been invited to a Sourcing event will receive an e-mail with a link to logon to the appropriate site to participate in an event.  The e-mail will include a login ID and password.

Suppliers with an ID can logon at any time at the Ariba website at:

Suppliers will see their current profile when they log in and can edit that profile to ensure it is up-to-date.

Contracts with suppliers

NSG Group seeks to have a clear and mutually beneficial trading relationship with its suppliers of goods and services.  This is best achieved by agreeing appropriate contracts with all our suppliers of goods and services.  All supplier contracts must be approved internally within NSG Group by the appropriate management before the agreement can be formalised with suppliers.

NSG Group and its Affiliates (as defined in the versions of PCP2 below) will ensure that contractual relations with our suppliers are governed by the most appropriate Terms and Conditions of purchase.  For most suppliers this is in the form of our standard Terms and Conditions of purchase (PCP2 issued 2008).

The master version of PCP2 will be the English version.  For the convenience of our suppliers in other countries we have translated PCP2 into a number of other languages however suppliers are reminded that and any disputes will refer to the English version of PCP2.

The various language versions of PCP can be found below. Please click on the relevant link for the appropriate terms and conditions of purchase.


Terms and Conditions of purchase (EU, India, Malaysia & Russia)

Terms and Conditions of purchase (North America, Canada & Mexico)

Terms and Conditions of purchase (Brazil)