Online Low-E (Pilkington Energy Advantage™) has been recommended as the preferred glazing for residential developments in one province of China and its capital city

11 Jun 2012

The Chinese central government set an energy saving standard for a new commercial building in 2009. On the basis of the energy saving standard of the central government, Jilin province and its capital Changchun are located in the northeast region of China which is zoned as “extremely cold”. They have published a new energy saving standard for residential buildings. Both local governments have certified online Low-E glass as part of their energy-saving recommendations and Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is the preferred product.

This is an application for which Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is ideally suited as its coating properties enable the warmth from the low winter sun to pass through the glass and so help to heat the building.

Currently, triple glazing must be used to meet the energy saving standard but using double glazing incorporating Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is now the preferred alternative. This both meets the energy saving standard and reduces the weight of the insulated glass unit and window. These new standards will stimulate rapid growth in the residential sector which remains the largest but least developed market sector for Pilkington Energy Advantage™. This demand growth will also support our new capacity in Tianjin. We are working closely with other local governments to achieve similar certifications.

Shanghai Wusong International Cruise Port incorporated Pilkington Energy Advantage™.