Breakthrough in LED Print Head technology expected to increase demand for SLA® (SELFOC® Lens Array)

20 Nov 2007
The NSG Group (“the Company”) announces a major breakthrough in LED Print Head technology using the SLA® ( SELFOC® Lens Array ) manufactured by the Specialty Glass business of the Company.

The Company and Fuji Xerox (“the Customer”  have undertaken joint development of the LED Print Head over the past four years. The LED Print Head offers the advantages of miniaturization, low power consumption and low-noise operation, but until now could not achieve the image quality of the Laser Scanning Unit.

Now, the two companies have succeeded in improving the image quality of the LED Print Head, using NSG Group SLA® ( SELFOC® Lens Array ) technology. The new LED Print Head co-developed by the two companies will be used in the Customer's Multifunction Printer for office use and other printers in the Fuji Xerox range. This is expected to lead to a significant increase in demand for LED Print Heads featuring SLA® and consequently for sales of the Company's SELFOC® Lens Array product.

The two companies intend to continue joint development to improve further the usability of the LED Print Head.