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Supplying NSG Group

NSG Group Procurement operates as a single global function, structured across all Business Lines.  We develop and implement best-fit strategies for each category to deliver maximum value from the supply base in the areas of cost and risk management, sustainability, innovation, and growth. Our spend is consolidated into a number of categories which reflect similar commercial considerations and supply markets; with each category having a dedicated global procurement manager and regional category teams.

We work together with other areas of the business to ensure that procurement plans and actions are fully integrated and optimised to meet business requirements.

NSG seeks suppliers who will co-operate to eliminate unnecessary cost, promote delivery flexibility, improve quality and bring innovative products to market.  We also wish to deal with suppliers who share our values on sustainability who specifically agree to the content of our Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Through a joint approach, we aim to reduce the total acquisition cost of the materials and services we purchase, fostering efficiency and Best Practice throughout the supply chain.

Fast Facts

The NSG Group

  • Spends around JPY 300bn (US$ 3bn) annually with external suppliers of goods and services.
  • Is increasing the number of electronic transactions with suppliers. In 2010, NSG sent over 11,000 electronic purchase orders to suppliers using the eCat (electronic catalogue) system. In 2010, the Group began receiving electronic invoices from suppliers. In 2011, the Group will receive over 20,000 electronic invoices.
  • Works with suppliers to increase the amount of materials that are recycled.  Key initiatives are in the areas of PVB, silver pastes, water, packaging and precious metals.
  • Has more than 30,000 active suppliers around the world.