CEO Message

Towards the next 100 years

Shigeki Mori

Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO

NSG Group celebrated its 100th anniversary on November  22, 2018. Since the establishment in 1918, aiming to bring the most advanced glass manufacturing technology at the time from the United States to Japan, we have always kept pace with the evolving technologies to pursue the potential of glass as a material.     


Having played an important role in providing a safe and comfortable living space, glass is now being used in many unexpected ways, such as in solar panels, smartphones, printers, car batteries and timing belts, cosmetics and paint, to support everyday life.     


To address current opportunities and challenges such as the reduction of CO2 through conservation and generation of energy, or the evolving technology for driverless cars, we are offering advanced insulating glass for buildings and car windshields with tighter tolerance while moving forward in the development of building-integrated solar batteries and heat ray control glass for cars.


In line with the “Medium-term Plan (MTP) Phase 2” which has been ongoing since the beginning of FY2018, we are shifting gear towards growth. To achieve the goal of transformation into a "VA (value-added) Glass Company" we are accelerating the key four measures - “VA No.1 Strategy,” “Establishing Growth Drivers,” “Business Culture Innovation” and “Enhancing Management”.


Working together for another century of progress

The keystone of our Company as a member of the Sumitomo Group is our diverse talent and the unwavering support of our customers and other stakeholders. We will build on this tradition to continue our search for the new functions and values of glass with global applications.