CEO Message

Transform into a VA Glass Company

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Shigeki Mori
Representative Executive Officer
President & CEO


Aiming to achieve the long-term vision of transforming into a "VA glass company" (VA: value-added), NSG Group announced "Our Vision," the new management principles in November 2018. Composed by Mission (core purpose of NSG Group), Aspiration (desired future position) and Core Values (the foundation of the way NSG Group employees work). Our Vision serves as a guide for the company's future direction.

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Since its start in FY2018, Medium-term Plan (MTP) Phase 2 is progressing under the policy of "Shift to VA + Growth." With continued shift to VA (value-added) products and services, plus the expanded actions for growth, VA sales ratio is now 46%. In FY2020, the last year of MTP Phase 2, target VA sales ratio is 50% and we are striving to achieve the objectives in our core business (architectural glass, automotive glass and technical glass), growth business (solar glass and emerging markets) and new business (Business Innovation Center).

For launching new products and developing new businesses, evolving directions of technological innovations and environmental regulations will play an important role. Among the ongoing trends, CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) for cars and managing energy in the buildings with Zero Energy Building (ZEB) and Zero Energy House (ZEH) indicate the growing potential of glass business. In addition, the advancement of ICT (information and communications technology) and Industry 4.0 is expanding the applications of functional glass. As the tratditional "static" glass, designed just to shield the natural elements, evolves into the more "dynamic" glass for managing the heat, light, electricity and telecommunication, it's increasingly important for glass to offer new value.

Coducting business globally as a member of the Sumitomo Group companies and bringing out the potential of its diverse talent, NSG Group will continue to create new value together with customers and other stakeholders.