Activities of Climate Change

Glass making is an energy-intensive process. Significant energy is consumed in melting the raw materials at a very high temperature for the manufacture of glass. NSG Group is proactively addressing reduction of greenhouse gases generated in the glass manufacturing process.

Despite this necessary resource consumption, this energy can be quickly saved when our products are in use. Our products make a positive contribution to climate change efforts and to the quality of living and working environments.

Requirements from regulators and customers are providing opportunities for sustainable and innovative product design in a shift to eco-friendly products.

Risk and Opportunity

In line with the TCFD framework, NSG Group considers risk and opportunity material to the financial performance of the Group as follows.

  • - Translation Risk, for example; Cost increase by carbon pricing policy
  • - Physical Risk, for example; Damage to production facilities by abnormal weather
  • - Expanding the market for products that contribute to reducing GHG emissions
Mitigating Risks, examples include;
  • - Activities to achieve our SBT
  • - Equipment maintenance and inspection
  • - BCP creation at major sites
  • - Review coverage of insurance against natural disasters
Activities for seizing opportunity,
examples include;
  • - Expansion of Eco-friendly products' sales
  • - Continuous development of new products within NSG Group portfolio
  • - Collaboration with key stakeholders