Our effort


The NSG Group established a Global I&D Steering Committee with the aim of enhancing inclusion and diversity across the entire group. The Committee comprises 18 members, covering all business units, functions and regions. It works with individual businesses to identify and implement local and global initiatives, identifying areas for improvements and measuring progress. One central focus is to move I&D beyond the Human Resources department and establish it within all thinking.


Taking action

In line with the annual Group and Regional I&D Action Plans, each country or site is implementing the actions. One of the annual implementations at site level is to celebrate the International Women’s Day through various local events.

   International Women's Day 



Another strategic implementation at Group level is the provision of Unconscious Bias Training to all managers across the Group.
Unconscious bias occurs as our brains filter information, categorizing people and situations, in order to make quick decisions. Everyone has unconscious bias that is a result of their own cultural environment and accumulated life experiences. Unconscious bias is far more prevalent than conscious prejudice and is often incompatible with our conscious values. All managers across the NSG Group undertake online training to learn what unconscious bias is, how to recognize it in themselves and in others, and how to mitigate the potential impacts.




I&D Newsletters are issued three times a year to inform all Group employees about the latest activities on Inclusion & Diversity within the NSG Group.