Investment in human capital and improvement of working environment

The NSG Group continuously cultivate our employees through learning and development opportunities, aiming to provide a working environment that allows our people to reach their full potential and meet our customers' expectations. In particular, with an emphasis on dialogue to increase employee engagement to achieve the Medium Term Plan RP24. During the pandemic we embraced the use of technology and used Microsoft Teams to hold dialogue sessions with our employees across the Group. This included a number of ‘NSG Summits’ to improve communication with our global Leaders, and Management ‘Town Hall’ meetings for middle managers around the world, In addition, from 2021, and as part of our wider Listening Strategy we are conducting an employee survey for all employees, enabling us to listen to the “Voices” of our people and understand how we can improve the working environment.

1) Investment in human capital

In 2018, we introduced Talent Management as part of our wider Talent Strategy supporting the Group's Vision and Values. With this introduction, we migrated key global talent records and data to a new talent management system, while at the same time providing all managers with comprehensive training on talent development processes. Since then, we have continued to expand the use of our Talent Management system, which involved the introduction of our NSG Behavioural Competency model to the Performance Review discussion in 2019. Integrating our NSG Competency Model globally across our core people processes continues to support and drive culture change.

This global approach to talent management is more inclusive and reduces ‘organizational silos’, by sharing the talent data such as Performance Reviews and Succession Plans via our Talent Management system, we have a transparent and dynamic approach to Talent Management.

During 2020 - 2024 our goal is to embed the knowledge and application of Talent Management practices in the workplace and to develop leaders at all management levels, who have the ability to realize the Medium Term Plan RP24.

Our Human Capital investment includes; Leadership assessment, selection, and training by emphasizing specific areas of the NSG Competency Model, which align with the RP24 Corporate Culture reform - "Customer focus", "Swift decision making and action", and "Overcoming difficulties". At the same time, we will also provide employees with reskilling and training in areas such as digitalization, marketing, and new business development necessary for the reform. In addition, by encouraging feedback and an environment throughout the group where employees can interact with their supervisors through their daily work, we will encourage each employee to adopt behaviours to realize RP24.

■ Talent Management
■ NSG Group Competency Model

Through ongoing training, we will provide continuous learning opportunities at all levels even in the environment of "With Corona", and promote the transition of our Group programs from face to face learning events to an appropriate mix of ‘Blended Learning’, which includes virtual class rooms, action learning sets and face to face development activities.

2) Improving Working Environment

The NSG Group think "People are our most important asset", and health promotion is indispensable for employees to maximize their individual abilities, and it leads to the sustainable improvement of the company's value. In January 2020, we made a "Health Management Declaration" in Japan.

"Health Management Declaration“

In order to improve the sustainable value of the Group and contribute to society, we believe that the health of employees and their families is the foundation.

Since its establishment in 1918, Sumitomo's philosophy of "People are our most important asset" has been valued, and "Respect others and unleash their potential" has been set as the first core value in the current corporate principles "Our Vision".

Based on the idea, the Group is working on promoting the health of each and every employee and advancing the health management so that employees can maximize their abilities.

The activities for advancing the health management lead by the head of Group sustainability are discussed by the executive officers in Japan.

Our effort

  1. Improving health literacy (awareness of health) and promoting health of employees and their families

    Health education and seminars, health promotion programs, health information dissemination

  2. Health check ups and measures against lifestyle related diseases

    Periodic health check ups, specific health guidance, metabolic syndrome prevention, measures against second hand smoke

  3. Mental health measures

    Stress check and counseling

  4. Work styles reforms

    Curbing long working hours, promoting paid leave, childcare / long term care support, flexible working style (telwork)

The NSG Group is working to improve the environment for realizing diverse working styles in the “new normal” based on the demands of society and the guidelines of the government. We are reviewing the way organizations and individuals should be and aim to shift to a new work style that maximizes productivity and performance under infection control measures.

Work style that is not bound by place and time

  • Expansion of remote work
  • Introduction of flexible time without core time

Business management focusing on an importance of communication

  • Promoting meetings online
  • Improvement of management of subordinates (introduction of regular check in)
  • Support managers for remote team management and communication
  • Setting up a remote counter for health consultations, etc.

Improvement of IT environment for working from home

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