Human Rights and Employment

Our Code of Ethics reflects our Integrity, as articulated in our Core Values, and forms part of “Our Vision". It defines what is expected of all our employees. It particularly emphasizes safety, respecting human rights, taking personal ownership for actions and communicating with openness and involvement.

The overriding basis of the Code is that we will carry out our business activities in a safe, professional, legal and ethical manner, and in a way that demonstrates corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

For example, one of our key employment standards in the Codes is "We won't engage or support forced labor. We won't employ young people under the age of 15, or older if defined by law". We ensure we have no child labor and no Forced or Compulsory Labor.

The Code acknowledges internationally proclaimed human rights. These are also reflected in our overall employment policies and standards, providing our employees with reassurance on how they will be treated.

Our Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, creed religion and beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, union membership, political affiliation, or any other status protected by law.