NSG Group Talent Management

During 2019, as part of our wider Talent Strategy supporting the Group's Vision and Values, we continued to expand the use of our Talent Management system, which involved the introduction of our NSG Behavioural Competency model to the Performance Review discussion. Integrating our NSG Competency Model globally across our core people processes continues to support and drive culture change.

We have also continued to encourage ownership of talent processes by our managers by providing 'Co-ownership' of Succession Plans via our Talent Management system, continuing to deliver a more transparent and dynamic approach to Talent Management.

During 2020-2024 our goal is to embed the knowledge and application of talent practices into every day management life, encouraging a feedback culture across the Group. We will do this by developing a more inclusive and flexible approach to learning and development practices. This will include embracing technology for a greater level of 'blended, virtual' learning options. Our plan includes the transition of our Group programs from face to face learning events to an appropriate mix of virtual class rooms, action learning sets and face to face development activities.

■ Talent Management-Strategy
■ NSG Group Competency Model