Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures

NSG Group greatly values the dedication and commitment of the healthcare workers, local communities and governments around the world who work in the front line to contain the virus.

NSG Group's health & safety programs emphasize the importance of Our Vision. Employees are the most important asset for the Group. The health & safety of the employees and the communities in which they live is a core part of our ethical business philosophy. This principle remains unchanged despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organization and Policy

The Executive team of the NSG Group regularly addresses issues around employees' health and business continuity. The regional and country management teams continuously monitor, develop and implement actions focusing on the health and welfare of the employees, whilst at the same time ensuring the needs of the customers are met.

All employees are strongly encouraged to follow local government advice in relation to country specific actions that are being taken to reduce the spread of the virus.

Main infection control at the Group level

  1. Information sharing
    • - The NSG group utilizes its SharePoint site for sharing best practice between all levels of the business. In addition, the group monitors the number of cases within its regions.
  2. Infection prevention
    • - Regular hand wash with soap and water
    • - Maintain social distance
    • - Wear a mask (face covering) or a face shield
    • - Stay at home if you have symptoms
    • - Visitor screening to ensure that essential site visitors complete reviews and understand local NSG Group requirements

    In addition, regarding the following items, each facility made efforts to implement appropriate measures according to the actual situation.

    • - Covid-19 risk assessment and control measures to reduce the risk to employees, visitors and contractors attending the plants
    • - Installation of local controls to segregate and ensure social distancing where required
    • - Review of working practices to accommodate local social distancing rules
    • - Increased cleaning regimes especially those of "touch points" and workstations
    • - Disinfection of workplace should there be an infected individual, thoroughness of quarantine of anyone in close contact
    • - Limited number of people at each meeting room and canteen, revised layout of desks, tables and chairs
    • - Improved access to hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers
    • - Availability of face coverings and, where required, masks or screens between individuals

Examples of the Main infection controls at in each region

  1. Europe
    • - Completion of Covid-19 specific risk assessments at all sites
    • - Implementation of local government rules
    • - Consultation with employees and employee representatives
    • - Communications material for employees
    • - Regular senior manager reviews of larger operations, together with the relevant plant managers
    • - Covid-19 updates during business reviews
  2. Asia
    • - Quarantine facility (e.g. shelter) in place in case of a suspected infection
    • - Covid-19 specific risk assessments and improvement plans
    • - Local announcements and specific rules based on local government requirements
    • - Weekly information sharing
    • - Frequent communication with all sites (weekly)
  3. North America
    • - Senior managers hold monthly calls to manage the pandemic response and plan for the post COVID return to normality.
    • - Site continue to abide by the NA COVID-19 Preparedness & Response plan, based on CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and government guidelines
    • - Team members and visitors conduct personal pre-entry health screening, prior to entering the facility and are asked to continue to socially distance, wear face coverings and maintain good personal hygiene. 
  4. South America
    • - Weekly regional directors' calls in order to coordinate pandemic response
    • - Weekly Senior Managers calls at each site
    • - Daily safety and health messages
    • - Behavioral Observation program with KHB (Key Health Behaviors)
    • - Communications material for all employees
    • - Testing twice a month per employee in Chili
    • Replacing the whole team in construction site working, if an infected person is recognized
    • - COVID protocols implemented at all sites

General business actions

  1. Travel restrictions (as of 7th July 2020)
    • - Business travel restricted to business-critical travel only.
    • - All employees intending to travel to review procedures of the country concerned including country specific quarantine rules.
    • - All regional travel to be approved by Regional Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Head or Function Head.
    • - All travel outside of the employee’s own region to be approved by the Global SBU or Function Head. All travel by Global SBU or Function Heads to be approved by CEO, COO or CAO.
    • - When planning any business travel, employees must inform the site that they intend to visit about the planned visit and make sure they are aware of all relevant control measures and requirements at the site. The local site management can reject the intended visit.
  2. Remote working
    • - During the different stages of the pandemic in each region office-based employees have been working from home, latterly more people have been attending their place of work. Offices have been reviewed and safety precautions have been implemented so that individuals can return safely.
  3. Staggered shifts to reduce mass arrivals and departure staggered shifts ease congestion at entrances and clocking points.
    • - To reduce congestion when teams enter and exit facilities
    • - By staggering shift arrivals, the demand on public transport is reduced even in sites like India where we supply the transport. The buses have reduced capacity by COVID safety rules.
  4. Remote conferencing
    • - External and internal meetings held as remote conferences when possible.
    • - Technically advanced conferencing systems available to enable online meetings.
    • - Additional access points available for secure remote access to NSG Group's systems
    • - Standardized screen saver on workstations and laptops to remind employees of prevention measures.

The following posters are available at sites to aid communications: