We work continuously to minimize energy input into all our processes, so that the usage of glass contributes net benefit to sustainability.


Lathom Solar Project
NSG Group and Lightsource BP have installed and connected a 2.3MW solar installation at the European Technical Centre in Lathom, Lancashire, UK. The site is anticipated to provide 30 percent of the facility’s annual electricity demand. This project was developed and funded entirely by Lightsource BP, with no capital investment required from NSG Group and no disruption to their daily operations during construction. NSG Group buys the clean, renewable electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Lightsource BP, which provides a fixed, index-linked rate designed to hedge against future price fluctuations and deliver operational savings over the 25-year contract period. This project is especially significant for both Lightsource BP and NSG Group as the installation showcases one of the glass manufacturer’s own products. The solar modules selected were sourced from First Solar, one of NSG Group’s largest global customers. Research and development for the glass contained within the solar modules was conducted at the European Technical Centre itself, where operations will now be powered by their own hard work.
As well as reducing electricity costs, the solar installation is a crucial part of NSG Group’s drive to improve our sustainability credentials, and this project will help us meet carbon reduction targets by saving an estimated 848 tonnes in emissions each year – the equivalent of taking 180 family cars off the road.


Wet Sand Project in San Salvo
A project was delivered at the San Salvo site, Italy to eliminate the sand drying process on the unique canister batch plant to improve both employee health & safety and reduce site energy consumption.
By modifying the process to allow the use of wet sand, the amount of sand dust has been significantly reduced and the consumption of natural gas for drying the sand has been eliminated. Benefits of the project include a reduction of 900kSm3 Natural Gas consumption and 1900t CO2 saved annually.
The project was an excellent collaboration between local site teams and the R&D function.


Here, you'll find our NSG Group Energy Policy.