Glass for better climate


Specialized modern glass products and glazing help saving energy and are used in a variety of applications of energy production.

Energy saving
Today's builders, regulators and wider communities are demanding more from glass. In particular, the focus on energy efficiency and tighter regulations are creating a greater need for low-emissivity (low-e) glass. Through advances in low-e glass, windows now play a big part in energy conservation and comfort, minimizing heat loss and internal condensation. More information.

Solar Energy The NSG Group offers a range of specialized glass and coated glass products used in all of the leading solar energy technologies, including thin film photovoltaics, crystalline silicon photovoltaics, concentrated solar power technology and solar thermal collectors. More information.




The NSG Group’s advanced automotive glazing is used to improve the safety, efficiency, and comfort of the vehicles we drive.

We are working across all our markets from cars to trains and tractors to help customers develop new vehicles that are greener by design. Glass in vehicles offers more properties than simple transparency; consideration also needs to be given to acoustics, weight, safety systems, and solar control. We have also supplied glass for use in automotive photovoltaic roof systems to help reduce their reliance on conventional energy sources.

NSG’s vehicle-glazings can provide advanced solar control properties by absorbing or reflecting infra-red energy from the sun. Control of heat energy entering vehicles directly impacts air-conditioning usage leading to reduced energy consumption and CO2 output. 

The importance of environmentally-friendly vehicles is quickly growing with increasing consumer demand, and NSG’s lighter-weight designs and solar control glazings are just a few of the ways we are able to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and improvement of overall energy efficiency. 

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Our glass technologies are used to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of products across a diverse range of market segments.

Glass as a high-tech material offers many opportunities being light, strong, fire retardant, non-conductive and resistant to chemicals. Our patented products are used in transmission belts to improve fuel consumption, LED printers that use less energy to operate, and coatings to protect the longevity of our buildings and equipment. Our expertise in the manufacture of ultra-thin float glass is allowing the development of the next generation of touch-screen devices.

Glass cord engine timing belts
NGF, who produce the Group’s advanced glass cord technology, is enabling the automotive industry to develop the next generation of energy-efficient vehicles. The technology is primarily used in engine timing belts and Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) systems to reduce fuel consumption and improve CO2 emissions. Learn more.

Battery technology
The NSG Group is leading the development of advanced glass materials for use as battery separators in the next generation of batteries that support society’s infrastructure and help to solve environmental issues. Learn more.