Management Strategy


Long-term Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan

Since the announcement of our Long-term Strategic Vision of transforming into the “VA (value-added) Glass Company” May 2014, we have been making improvements in profitability and expanding the sales of VA products under the Medium-term Plan (MTP) aimed at building a sustainable financial position and starting to the transformation the VA Glass Company.

At the FY2017 second quarter results announcement, we provided an update on the progress of the MTP and announced the launch of MTP Phase 2, covering a three-year period from April 2017 to March 2020, together with the key measures to ensure the achievement of the MTP financial targets.

For more information on the Long-term Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan, please visit:
Medium-term Plan(MTP) Update at FY17Q2

Medium-term Plan(MTP) Phase2 Financial Strategy