Management Strategy

Our Vision

The Group announced its new management principle "Our Vision" at the company's 100th anniversary in 2018. "Our Vision" comprises the Mission (core purpose), Aspiration (desired future position) and Core Values (the basis on which work and conduct ourselves).

With "Our Vision," The NSG Group is striving to realize a sustainable society by offering new values and services with glass swiftly and appropriately to meet the growing needs of our customers and society.


Long-term Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan

The Group has decided to postpone the announcement of a new medium-term management plan, which was planned to start in FY2021, considering the current uncertainties of our business environment due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A new medium-term management plan will be announced after the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic is reasonably quantified. However, the Group believes its overall long-term direction remains valid. The broad direction is shown below.

Innovation Company, Changing our Surroundings with Advanced Ideas

  • Establish stable financial base
  • Core business as basis for a certain level of profitability
    - Contribution from the strategic investment projects
    - Continuous drive for VA shift
    - Improvement of underperforming businesses
  • New business development led by BIC to drive the Group’s growth
  • Portfolio transformation based on profitability, capital efficiency and growth
  • Promotion of lean and agile organization and culture

Even when the current coronavirus pandemic subsides, our society and economy may change drastically in future. Irrespective of such changes, however, the Group believes that its strengths will continuingly enable us to make a contribution in fields such as; environment (glass for solar panels, energy saving glass for ZEB and ZEH); health and welfare (PCR test device and antivirus glass); and increased telecommunication demands associated with new working styles (optical telecom devices).

Despite the current uncertain and ambiguous socio-economic circumstances, the Group will make its best effort in solidarity to transform the business structure into the one suitable for sustainable growth under the new management principle – "Our Vision."