Business Innovation Center


Business Innovation Center (BIC) is a new business function that was established in July 2018 to drive the further growth of NSG Group. To fulfill its objective "Glass & Beyond" for the future, BIC benefits from NSG Group's long-standing expertise of materials and processes. BIC actively develops new products, not only for the existing glass segment but also for other areas, by applying NSG Group's glass technologies and solutions.
With its focus on the four fields of "Life Science", "IoT & Cloud", "Energy Management", and "Industry 4.0", BIC proactively looks for new solutions for the industry.

Target segments

Products by Segment

We are entering a new era where people enjoy benefits from services made of Big Data generated by sensors connected to servers and cloud services. Market need for devices such as CMOS sensors, and data processing in a massive scale by high-speed communication technology is growing much faster than we could ever have imagined. NSG Group develops solutions that can add value to customers at markets where IoT and cloud services are closely connected to one another.

Related products

  • Super low reflective nanocoating material
    High quality anti-reflective coating by using a simple coating process without physical vacuum deposition.

  • Optical filters for sensing device

  • Optical Diffuser
    Originally designed element for diffusing VCSEL light to wide angled illumination. This highly-controlled illumination element is key optics for 3D imaging and sensing.

  • Micro Lens Array (MLA)
    A high-precision micro lens array that makes it easy to connect optical transceiver's VCSEL light source to the optical fiber with high positional accuracy. 

  • Through glass via (TGV)
    A fine through hole processing glass substrate for next generation 3D packaging and 5G wireless antennae packaging.

Complex connections to enable production systems run autonomously and automatically, bringing in a new form of manufacturing excellence. NSG Group's solutions can make a difference at markets that need sensors to provide solutions with five senses, antenna modules, 5G infrastructure to support stable wireless communication, and other applications required for the Industry 4.0.

Related products

Global spread of smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as large-capacity storage battery solutions for electric vehicles and homes for example, will become increasingly important. A wide variety of NSG Group's inorganic materials contribute to the next-generation energy management technology. This technology will be used for electric power generation systems, storage battery systems to store massive amounts of electricity and quickly discharge, as well as efficient conversion systems.

Related products

  • Super Glass paper(SGP)
    In addition to high heat resistance, SGP offers high porosity which is suitable for supporting electrolytes and polymer materials, and ultra-thin glass paper material suitable for multilayer lamination.

It is increasingly expected that life science technologies will further contribute to the fields where we "live" and "eat" – activities directly linked to our every day lives – by solving food, water and environmental issues, and overcoming diseases, among other challenges.
Simpler and more accurate detection solutions with our PicoGene™ PCR1100 technology will contribute to a better life for people around the world.

Related products

  • Mobile Real-Time PCR device (PicoGene™ PCR1100)
    Previously only possible in laboratories, our portable PCR1100 brings mobility to genetic measuring anytime and anywhere. This solution makes it possible to detect DNA and RNA on site to identify genes in various scenes.


Product List

3D sensing using ToF (Time of Flight) technology is becoming more popular in smartphone, security cameras, autonomous car and drone market realizing facial authentication and distance measurement. NSG propose light diffusing elements by our optical design and high precision imprint technology. This solution would realize wide angle and super uniform light distribution with VCSEL light source.


A precision micro lens array that realizes parallel and high-speed data communication. Spreading of smartphones and video streaming services and emerging 5G platform, the amount of data communication has increased greatly year by year. There is great demand to enhance data processing performance in cloud data centers. NSG offers a precision micro lens array (MLA) with our long-term experience in optical fields, realizing parallel and high-speed data communication.


TGV, which has many through-holes with several ten microns diameter in glass, is expected as a material for next-generation semiconductor package substrates. High-quality TGV realized by our originally developed glass material and hole processing technology enables downsizing of devices in various markets such as data centers, 5G communication networks and IoT devices, as well as realizing high-density packaging and GHz-speed data processing.



Fine porous silica flakes produced by our original sol-gel technology with variety forms of flake and spherical particles. High porosity inorganic material with mesopores is a key material for high-speed communication improving thermal stability, dimensional accuracy and electrical performance in GHz.



Extremely advanced light control technology is a turn-key solution for realizing next-gen projector for AR/VR and LiDAR devices. NSG propose various nanostructured optical elements such as polarizers and diffraction gratings using our original sol-gel glass material and nano imprinting technology.


An ultra-thin glass paper realized by many years of experience in glass fiber technology, taking many advantages of its high porosity of 70-90%, excellent heat resistance and thermal dimensional stability for a separator of electricity storage devices. This unique material would be also applied for a base material with resin composite membranes and functional material carriers.



Previously only possible in laboratories, our portable PCR1100 brings mobility to genetic measuring anytime and anywhere. As the device quickly  identifies various types of genes on site it is anticipated that it will be used widely in various applications, such as food sanitary at factories, environmental pollution investigations and bioprospecting .



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