Our product portfolio delivers benefits across five key value segments. These benefits are defined with our customers to enhance the lives of vehicle users through glass technology.

Safety & Security

Safety within Automotive is shifting from damage reduction to proactive accident prevention through vehicles using Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Our windscreens are purpose built to integrate camera and sensor systems to support the industry as it moves towards autonomous driving.


Vehicle glazing is increasingly important in reducing the environmental impact of vehicles through technology that can reduce CO2 emissions or extend electric vehicle battery range.

  • infra red reflective solar coatings
  • 48 Volt heated windscreens for mild hybrid vehicles and electronic vehicles
  • low emissivity coatings - Energy AdvantageTM
  • lightweight standard laminated products
  • ultra lightweight chemically toughened laminated products


Automotive glazing is used to enhance the human machine interface of our customers' vehicles, improving the user experience through advanced displays and system connectivity.


  • HUD (Head Up Display) windscreens providing best in class surface control tolerances
  • augmented reality, leading the development of next generation AR HUD
  • antenna design and integration

Comfort & Convenience

Our products improve vehicle comfort by optimizing the cabin temperature, reducing noise and offering convenience through technology.

  • heated windscreens
  • acoustic control
  • tinted glazing optimized for solar performance
  • infra reflective and ultra violet control
  • variable transmission glazing - Sundym SelectTM


We are constantly innovating glass shaping technology to deliver vehicle styling and design requirements through complex glass shapes whilst maintaining best in class surface tolerances for technology combinations.

  • low-e coatings replacing physical blinds in roof systems
  • head up display (HUD) windscreens freeing up dash display areas
  • hydrophobic coatings managing water flow on glass to glass finishes