Optical Fiber Fluorescence Detector - Specifications/Options

Specifications (FLE1000)

 Usage Usage

Target fluorescent materials:

  • B type: FITC, FAM, SYBR Green, GFP, etc.
  • G type: Cy3, Resorufin, etc.
  • R type: Cy5, etc.
  • U type: UV dye(under development)

Sensitivity: Detection limit of 1 nM or less (depending on the specimen and its shape)

Required amount of sample: 1 μL or less (even a DNA array chip of 0.1 mm in diameter can be measured)

Sampling cycle: Standard: 0.1 second (between 0.1 second and 1 hour depending on the data loading software)

Data output: Analog or RS232C output (RS232C data loading software is available)

Size:  130×160×40 mm

Power supply: DC24V (a converter from AC100 V is available)

Measurement spot: 0.2 mm in diameter (can be specified)

Probe head: 4 mm in diameter (using the SELFOC® Micro Lens)

Upper temperature limit of probe: Up to 110°C

* This product can be customized as a fluorescence detection module for various types of analyzers.

Options available (including those under development)

Other wavelengths - Excitation by near-ultraviolet and violet rays (under development)

Simultaneous measurements at two wavelengths - (under development)

Manual probe stage - The probe position can be fine-adjusted in the x, y and z directions on the flat sample stage.