Information Technology - introduction to our products

Our SELFOC ® technology has placed us at the leading edge of the IT society

In 1968, NSG was the first company in the world to successfully achieve a parabolic refractive index distribution in a glass rod. Since then, NSG continues to be a pioneer in the field of micro optics by researching, developing and manufacturing a variety of optoelectronic products.

SELFOC ® Lens Array

SELFOC ® lens array (SLA ® ), one of NSG's key products, consists of multiple SELFOC ® lenses arranged in an array in an optical system and makes erect, 1:1 images. SLA ® allows the optical systems to be designed compactly and manufactured at low cost. Since it first contributed to introducing innovative new copiers, it is now being used in a wide variety of applications, such as fax machines, LED printers, digital copiers, scanners and composite machines. It operates as key components, in combination with our proprietary optical semiconductors, in optical information- processing units by which greater speed, higher resolution and better colorization are required.


SELGUIDE ® is a light source for image scanning, developed by NSG based on its proprietary optical technology. It provides high intensity and uniform light emission with a lesser number of LEDs used to achieve low power consumption. It is the best choice available as a light source for contact image sensors. The color SELGUIDE ® ensures sharp, full-color reproduction through sequential switching of ultra-high intensity LED chips in three primary colors.


Planar SELGUIDE ® is a surface light source of high intensity and excellent uniformity throughout its wide viewing angle. It employs ultra-high intensity LED chips, and provides three sharp primary colors as the lighting is sequentially switched over between the LED chips. By applying a high efficiency optical design that combines our proprietary LED mounted substrates and optical waveguides, we have successfully developed surface light source panels of high intensity and excellent uniformity over its wide viewing angle. The use of an optical waveguide allows the panels to be designed thinner. The LEDs have a long service life, and are compact, light in weight, and consume less power.

Communication system modules

SELFOC ® micro lenses (SMLs) are used as key elements in optical coupling assemblies and in passive optical components. They play essential role in fiber optics communication systems to achieve high transmission bandwidth. For example, NSG supplies such components and modules that are indispensable in building FTTH broadband networks.

Principle of SELFOC ® (Ion-exchange process)

In 1968, NSG successfully developed a lens which exhbits a parabolic refractive index distribution in the glass rod, thereby achieving self-focusing on the flat end surfaces to enable the transmission of images and light. To achieve this, a glass rod is submerged in a fused-salt bath where ion exchange occurs so that the refractive index is modulated inside and outside the glass rod to allow light to meander through the glass. Our proprietary SELFOC ® lenses are key components in a variety of information processing and optical communication equipment, and make great contributions to today's IT society.

Pioneer in high-performance glass that supports the evolution of displays

We develop products that meet the needs of the next generation of displays based on our ultra fine flat glass and thin film coating technology for electronic applications.

Via our glass substrates for liquid crystal displays (LCD), we achieve savings on power and space that greatly contribute to the development of the IT society.

UFF™ (Ultra Fine Flat Glass)

In 1978, NSG started manufacturing and selling the world's first, low cost ultra fine flat glass (UFF™) adopting the Colburn process. It was an epoch-making innovation for the LCD industry that had yet to develop. In 1989, we changed the manufacturing process to the Float process to enable us to manufacture higher quality and lower cost UFF™ products in large quantities. With this achievement, we have made dramatic contributions to the development of the LCD industry. To respond to the needs of diversifying LCD applications, we will continue to offer a variety of new UFF™ products, such as finer flat glass (0.3mm thickness), and a substitute for polished glass.

Film-coated glass for LCDs

NSG manufactures film-coated glass through the Sputtering process. We offer glass and color filter glass coated with ITO transparent conductive film,reflection film, etc., for a variety of uses. The coating equipment in our facility is capable of accommodating multiple targets and providing multi-layer dielectric coatings.

Glass for PDP front filters

PDP optional filters are used for the purposes of shutting out electromagnetic waves emitted from panels, adjusting color tone or protecting panels. The products are made of good quality glass with little distortion or few defects, which are ceramic printed (unleaded) and tempered.We can also supply the glass to filter manufacturers with elaborate logos printed on.

LCD modules (Liquid Crystal Displays)

Chip-On-Glass (COG) LCD modules have an LSI chip directly mounted on the LCD at its terminal end. They are made thin and light, and are widely used in applications such as cordless handsets and household appliances.