Products for Battery Applications

This section includes products that fall within the Glass Fiber Products for Battery Applications category as follows:

Product: AGM Separator

Description: Non-woven fabric of fine glass wool


AGM is a type of separator for Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries, suitable for industrial and motorcycle applications.

AGM Separator

Product: PE Separator

Description: Porous polyethylene sheet


PE separators are widely used to isolate electrodes and to protect active materials of anode for SLI and industrial batteries.

PE Separator

Product: Glass Mat

Description: Non-woven continuous glass fiber mat


Combined with pulp separator, glass mat works as high-performance separator for flooded-type batteries.

Glass Mat

Product: Sleeve Tube

Description: Braded and resin treated continuous glass fiber with superior acid resistance


Sleeve Tubes are widely used for an anode of Clad type lead-acid batteries.

Sleeve Tube