Glass Fibers - introduction to our products

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Glass fiber has become a high-profile, high-tech material in a variety of fields because of its excellent properties: it is light and strong, fire retardant, non-conductive, and resistant to chemicals. Especially in the field of special-purpose glass fiber products, NSG is top and the only supplier throughout the world.

MICROGLAS ® CORD reinforcement material with excellent adhesion to rubber

MICROGLAS ® CORD comes with enhanced adhesion to rubber, provided by applying special surface treatment to continuous glass fiber. Because of its superior properties, such as tensile strength, flexural fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, and heat resistance, MICROGLAS ® CORD is used as a reinforcing member in a variety of applications such as timing belts for automobiles and as power transmission belts for various machines. As a global leader in this field with a manufacturing and sales basis in UK, Canada and China as well as in Japan, we are committed to meet more advanced and diversified needs of various rubber products.

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GLASFLAKE - fine, glass flakes made using NSG's proprietary technology

GLASFLAKE comes in scale-like glass flakes, each flake ranging from 10 to 4000μm (4 mm) in size with 2 and 5μm mean thickness. C-glass flakes are outstandingly acid resistant. The flakes in layers provide a "barrier effect" on coatings and surface linings and help to improve their service life and chemical resistance, and also prevent them from cracking. Because of their unique shape, Eglass flakes can prevent warpage or shrinkage and thereby provide dimensional stability for molded plastic products when they are applied as an additive to thermoplastic resins. NSG is the only supplier of this type of product in Japan.

METASHINE ® - glass-based glittering filler

METASHINE ® is a highly glittering pigment with excellent surface smoothness, produced with metal or metal oxide coating on GLASFLAKE . Coatings with METASHINE ® added to paint or resins produce clear and elegant color tones and a unique metallic luster. It is widely used in a variety of applications in producing motorbikes, electric appliances, cellular phones, inks, and cosmetics.

AGM separator - major component of VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries

The separator is made of a non-woven fabric of fine glass fibers with a fiber diameter of less than one micron. VRLA batteries are used to provide emergency power supply for telecommunications, UPS, emergency light, motorcycle, golf cart and other applications, where demand for this type of batteries are growing on a global basis.

PE separator for SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition) batteries

The Polymic separator is a highly durable, porous separator made primarily from special polyethylene and silica particles. Because of its good workability, the separator helps to allow the battery assembly line to run efficiently. It is a high-grade separator which meets today's severe service conditions while ensuring high performance and long service life.



MICROGLAS®; Registered Trade Mark in Japan, USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and China.
METASHINE®; Registered Trade Mark in Japan, USA, Korea, Thai-Land, Europe, Taiwan, China and Singapore.
NANOFLECS®; Registered Trade Mark in Japan, USA, Europe, Korea and China.
FLEKA®; Registered Trade Mark in Japan, USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and China.
GLASFLAKE; Registered Trade Mark in Japan, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia and China.