UFF™ (Ultra Fine Flat Glass)

In 1978, NSG Group started manufacturing and selling NSG UFF™ around the world. The low-cost ultra-fine flat glass (UFF™) was adopted by the Colburn sheet draw process at the Yokkaichi Plant in Japan. This was an epoch-making innovation for the LCD industry that had yet to be developed.

Since shifting to the float glass process in 1989, NSG has made vast contributions to the development of the LCD industry by providing glass with higher quality at lower costs. With a wide range of UFF™ products, including ultra-thin glass (0.28mm thickness) and chemically strengthened glass, we provide high-quality thin sheet glass to serve the needs of diversifying applications, such as touch panel glass and cover glass.
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* UFF™ (Ultra Fine Flat Glass) is a registered trademark of NSG Group.