With the evolution of smartphones and tablets, glass for chemical strengthening plays an increasingly important role in supporting their performance. Chemically strengthened glass is now expected to bring not only features including strength, transparency and ease of thermal processing, but also cost effectiveness. glanova® is a chemically strengthened glass developed for these requirements.

Its new composition is optimal for chemically strengthened glass: strong, clear, and easy for thermoforming. The float glass process helped glanova® to achieve high-quality yet, low-cost manufacturing.

Expanding the possibilities of glass
The temperature for thermoforming glanova® is approximately 700℃, almost as same temperature as soda-lime glass. Curved surfaces and shapes can be achieved by thermoforming at low temperatures, thus glanova® is the best choice for applications requiring curved and round surfaces. With glanova®, processing and designing difficulties with the conventional glass for chemical strengthening can be realized while keeping the costs down.

glanova® is a product expanding the horizon of chemically strengthened glass. By using our float technology, NSG continues to deliver a variety of ultra-thin (0.28mm thickness) glass products for a wide-range of applications such as auto interiors, OA, FA, mobile devices, and many other purposes.

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* glanova® is a registered trademark of NSG Group.

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