Toshikuni Yamazaki

Mr. Toshikuni Yamazaki’s career and experience include serving as Representative Director, Executive Vice President (in charge of finance, investor relations and accounting) and full-time corporate auditor of a major international manufacturing company, and a member of the Investment Advisory Committee of the Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan (GPIF). He has vast experience as well as a broad understanding of business management and finance and accounting.

April 1968 Joined Nippon Kokan K.K. (Currently JFE Holdings, Inc.) 
June 1999 Director, Nippon Kokan K.K. 
April 2000 Vice President (Corporate Officer), Nippon Kokan K.K.
April 2001 Senior Vice President (Corporate Officer), Nippon Kokan K.K
April 2005 Corporate Officer, Executive Vice President, JFE Holdings, Inc. (Retired in March 2009) 
June 2005 Representative Director, JFE Holdings, Inc
April 2009 Director, JFE Holdings, Inc
June 2009 Corporate Auditor (Full-time), JFE Holdings, Inc. (Retired in June 2013) Corporate Auditor, Universal Shipbuilding Corporation (Retired in December 2012)
April 2010 Corporate Auditor, JFE Engineering Corporation (Retired in April 2013) A member of Investment Advisory Committee, Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan (GPIF) (Retired in March 2013) 
March 2015 Representative Director and President, Ryugasaki Country Club (Incumbent) 
June 2015 Director, NSG Group (Incumbent)