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Consultation and open communication

We operate a comprehensive system of regular communication and briefing within all businesses, including effective mechanisms for two-way communication. Everyone receives regular updates on Group and local business objectives, targets, results and best practice at central and business line levels. This includes monthly briefings from the heads of the respective business lines.

All employees also receive the Group’s employee magazine, MADO, every eight weeks in their own language. The Group Intranet, NSG Group Inside, is available to every employee on the company network. We operate formal mechanisms to brief and consult unions and employee representatives on Group operations and future plans, as appropriate to local circumstances and requirements.

Group-wide employee survey

We conduct a global employee survey every two years. Results from the 2011 survey showed increased levels of satisfaction and motivation compared with 2009. A total of 87 percent of employees completed the questionnaire, the same as in 2009. Nearly 80 percent of those who took part indicated that they rate NSG Group highly as an employer compared to other companies in the area, with 85 percent stating their belief that the Group is succeeding in its aim of becoming a truly international organization. Almost 90 percent stated their belief that the NSG Group emphasizes safety in everything it does and 67 percent stated that they are kept well informed on matters relating to the NSG Group as a whole.

Maximizing the potential of individuals

67 percent of employees received a review of training and development in 2011, with our aim being to increase this proportion to 90 percent by 2015. In the 2011 process we continued to focus on the area of objective setting, aiming to significantly improve the quality of personal objectives. In order to foster the process of cultural change across the
whole organization in the area of Health and Safety, it was required that all managers were set personal safety objectives in the 2011 process.


Our Code of Ethics acknowledges internationally proclaimed human rights and the impact these have on employment. Employment standards have been set, derived from external international human rights employment guidelines and our own business requirements.

The Code and our overall employment policies provide employees with reassurance on how they will be treated, and guide employment policy and practice in individual businesses. Our equal opportunity policy aims to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, union membership, political affiliation or any other status protected by law.

Performance and Development Reviews

During 2009, a mentoring programe for middle managers was launched. Over 77 percent of employees were covered by the annual review of regular performance and career development process in 2010. Our aim is to increase this proportion to 90 percent by 2015. 

Employee Statistics

Download or view on screen a pdf containing tables which provide information on key employee parameters for the calendar year 2012.  No one under 15 years of age was employed in any NSG Group operations worldwide during the year.  No proven incidents of discrimination were recorded within the Group during the year.  There was one proven incidents of abuse.