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Our Financial Performance


We are focused on delivering value and growth to all our stakeholders. In the course of 2010, we conducted a major strategic review. This was intended to sharpen the Group’s operational focus and ensure that full advantage is taken of the synergies offered by an international Group headquartered in Japan.

The review focused on important growth opportunities, particularly in emerging markets and value-added products addressing climate change. Early investment opportunities were identified in a number of key projects with 12 to 24 month development timescales.

We took quick action to secure funding for these through the Share Offering launched in August 2010. Funding from the share issuance is allowing the Group to seize these important investment opportunities in the technologies that will build sustainable futures, leverage its competitive position and strengthen its balance sheet.

Our Strategic Management Plan includes clear economic targets to be attained by the end of FY2014. We regard the Plan as a ‘dynamic’ document, on which we are updating our stakeholders on an annual basis.


Financial Targets