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Global Operations

Global operations

Europe - 12,500 employees

  • 12 float lines
  • Rolled glass operations
  • Automotive OE plants in seven countries
  • Primary processing, Architectural downstream operations in 10 countries
  • Extensive AGR network
  • Technical Glass operations in UK

China - 2,520 employees

  • 16 float lines
  • Two Automotive plants
  • Technical Glass operations
  • Rolled glass for photovoltaics

Japan - 4,910 employees

  • Four float lines
  • One rolled
  • Primary processing and Architectural downstream network
  • Automotive OE plants and AGR network
  • Technical Glass operations

North America - 3,990 employees

  • Six float lines
  • Automotive OE in US, Canada and Mexico
  • Extensive AGR network in US
  • Technical Glass operations in Canada

S & SE Asia - 3,000 employees

  • Two float lines and Automotive operations in Malaysia
  • Automotive plant in India
  • Two float lines in Vietnam
  • Technical Glass operations in the Philippines

South America - 2,780 employees

  • Seven float lines
  • Architectural downstream operations
  • Automotive OE in Brazil, Argentina and Chile
  • AGR network


Manufacturing - World leader in float glass technology and coatings.  
Glass for Achitectural and Solar Energy applications
Principal operations in 21 countries. Overall, the Group manages, or has a stake in, 49 float lines around the world.

Global spread
Major presence in Europe and Japan. Also in North America, China, South America and South East Asia.


Manufacturing - Supplying the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers
Principal fabrication facilities at 31 sites in 16 countries. Major presence in Europe, Japan, North
America, South America and China.

Global spread
Leading share of the global Original Equipment (OE) and Specialized Transport markets. Largest player
globally in Automotive aftermarket glazing distribution and wholesale.

Technical Glass

Manufacturing - Producing the world’s thinnest float glass
Major fabrication facilities in Japan, China, the Philippines, Europe and Canada.

Global spread
World leader in thin display glass and optical devices for office machinery, glass fiber battery separators and timing belts.