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Business Sectors

We operate in three main business sectors: Architectural Glass, supplying architectural glazing and Solar Energy products; Automotive, producing glass and glazing systems for vehicles worldwide; and Technical Glass, operating in the display, office equipment and glass fiber sectors.

Architectural Glass - A leader in float glass technology and coatings.

Main products:

  • Thermal insulation glass
  • Fire protection glazing
  • Solar control glass
  • Glass for solar energy
  • Noise control glazing
  • Safety and security glazing
  • Self-cleaning glass   

Making windows better at saving energy

Our thermal insulation products combine unrivalled thermal insulation with high light transmittance and lower reflectance for a more neutral appearance. They provide thermal insulation and passive solar heat gain, helping demand for more energy-efficient windows.


Automotive - supplying every major vehicle manufacturer in the world

Main products:

  • Solar control glass
  • Glazing systems
  • Laminated glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Security glazing
  • Lightweight glazing
  • Aesthetic glazing


Developing value-added vehicle glazing 

We play a leading role in the development of value-added vehicle glazing, delivering greater functionality to address Sustainability issues, such as CO2 reduction, solar control, lighter and more aerodynamic glazing, vehicle end-of-life and recycling.



Technical Glass - world leader in thin display glass and optical devices for office machinery

Main products:
  • Thin LCD glass
  • Copier/printer lenses
  • Glass cord
  • Battery separators
  • Other glass fibers

Supplying ultra-thin glass for small LCD applications 

Our Ultra Fine Flat Glass products are used in the growing touch panel market, particularly in mobile phones and computers and now expanding into use in vehicles.