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We aim to keep our shareholders informed through a focused international investor relations program. This encompasses regular communications throughout the financial year, through meetings, publications, plant visits and our websites.

Key message - shareholdersAnnual and Interim reports are produced in both Japanese and English and widely distributed to stakeholders who may have an interest in our performance. These documents are also made available on our websites.

The CEO and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) make regular reports to the Board on investor relations and on specific discussions with major shareholders. The Board receives copies of all research published on the Group. Shareholders have an opportunity at the General Meeting of Shareholders to ask questions of the Chairman and the Board.

Our Investor Relations (IR) Policy reflects our aims to be open and fair and to comply with corporate ethics. The NSG Group is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and we disclose information in line with the TSE ‘Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities’.

Where information does not fall under the category of timely disclosure rules, our policy is to communicate it swiftly and fairly, once it has been determined that the disclosure of such information is beneficial to investors.

Communicating our strategy

Management’s immediate priorities are to improve the profitability of the Company and earn the trust of our stakeholders through our accomplishments. Our profit improvement programs are well advanced and since our initial announcement in February 2012 we have introduced additional measures and accelerated restructuring activities.

We are looking carefully at all aspects of our current asset base. Our objective is to right-size our business urgently and we have identified the need for this to be accomplished within fiscal years FY2013 and FY2014.

We aim to improve manufacturing performance through efficiency improvements and rationalization. We have been quick to take action to adjust our capacity to demand, through temporary and permanent closures of plants.

We aim to be a sustainable company, believing that good management of our people, our resources, our communities and our environment also makes good business sense.

We operate in a good industry with positive prospects, but we must ensure we are cost competitive. We are aiming to lower the breakeven point of our business by reducing overheads, improving manufacturing efficiency and controlling our input cost through best-in-class procurement and shared services. We aim to ensure that we spend our limited resources wisely and generate capacity at much lower capital costs. 

    Communicating our performance

    We report our results on a quarterly basis. We hold half-year and year-end financial results briefings for securities analysts and investors in Japan, with further communications in the intervening quarters. The CEO and CFO personally present and discuss financial results, charting our progress against our strategy and the future outlook for the Group.

    Supplementing this, the CFO and IR team give background briefings to analysts and investors following the release of financial results. From time to time, we arrange plant visits, to enable analysts to see to our operations at first hand.

    Over the past year, we have continued our focus on non-financial aspects of our performance relating to Sustainability. The current report is an important channel for communicating our progress. Our Sustainability Report is made available to shareholders in both English and Japanese versions, with additional data available on our website.

    Evolving shareholder composition

    The acquisition of Pilkington plc in 2006 transformed NSG from a regional Japanese glass company to an international group headquartered in Tokyo. Following the acquisition, the proportion of non-resident foreign corporations and foreign individuals owning NSG Group rose but has since dropped back... based in Japan.

    Nevertheless, as an international Group based in Japan, we have expanded our global IR effort to meet the requirements of shareholders and potential investors around the world, including a range of additional publications, some of which are published in both Japanese and English. Details can be found on our website. We organize ‘road shows’ for analysts, investors and potential investors outside Japan, when appropriate.