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The local communities throughout the world in which the NSG Group operates are the foundation of our business and the lives of employees . Without a relationship of mutual benefit with these communities, the Group as a whole could not sustain its operation.

Key message - communities

An important element of our Strategic Management Plan is further expansion into emerging markets. The effects of such investments on our communities are generally beneficial, bringing additional employment and economic benefits. For every investment we make, an impact assessment is conducted to ensure we understand and manage the likely effects on the community, the environment and the local economy.

As a responsible and often prominent member of the communities in which we operate, we believe it is important to be involved actively by leveraging our core business and management resources to help to address local issues. 

Aims and objectives

We want our operations to function in healthy, thriving communities and to be seen as a good neighbor to those communities.

For every investment we make, an impact assessment is conducted to ensure we understand and manage the likely effects on the local community, the environment and the local economy.

We know that if we want to operate effectively and to be able to expand or change when the time is right, we need the goodwill that comes from being an active supporter of the community.

In addition to our business investments, helping to sustain local operations, we also invest in the communities in which we operate. We aim to help through direct cash donations to charities and other projects or through in-kind resources — to improve the health of the community or tackle specific social issues. We operate programs that assess and manage the impacts of our operations on communities, including entering, operating and exiting.

We also involve our staff in providing a lead in developing our relationships with the communities in which we operate. This can take the form of matching contributions raised by staff or allowing staff time to make personal contributions of time and effort in local projects.

In FY12, we made contributions worth around ¥102 million to our local communities. Our grants helped the arts, medicine, welfare, job creation and urban renewal. 

Employee involvement

Our employees are encouraged to participate in their local communities and appropriate community organizations, either on an individual basis or with help from the Group. As needs vary from community to community, each of the Group’s business units has some flexibility to identify the most appropriate way to grow with their respective communities.

We believe that, as well as generating goodwill in the community, involving employees in community projects can also help their development as potential managers and team leaders.

Community action

Community action in Japan

When the earthquake hit eastern Japan in the afternoon of Friday 11 March 2011, NSG Group sites and offices across the country suffered varying amounts of damage to buildings and stocks and all were hit by power outages. The worst affected were in the north and east of the country, closest to the epicenter.

Our employees in Japan collected nearly 6 million yen and sent 15 full trucks of aid items to help their colleagues in the stricken areas.

In addition, the Group announced that it was providing a corporate donation toward relief and recovery efforts. Building Products Japan have been heavily involved in supplying replacement products to the stricken areas as the rebuilding process continues.

Local initiatives

  • In Vietnam, VFG plant and customers donated to a newly established kindergarten construction fund in a poor district of Hoa Binh Province.
  • NSG in Poland provided support to a member of the Polish Paralympics team in London.
  • North American and UK sites regularly participate in local fundraising activities, charity runs, volunteer sports coaching and toy & food bank donations.
  • UK sites have made charitable donations throughout the year through schemes that accumulate contributions on a monthly basis when there has not been an LTI within defined groups of employees.

Support for education and training

  • Sponsors of the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Award  (UK), now in its 25th year.
  • Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering (Japan).
  • Sponsors of the Arkwright Scholarship scheme for students of technology (UK).
  • NGF Europe participate in the Young Enterprise programme (UK).
    Member of The Visakha Skill Development Society. Their objective is to increase employability skills amongst rural youth, especially in areas where government has acquired land for industrial development (India).

Cooperation with business groups

  • Supporter of the Sumitomo Foundation (Japan).
  • Membership of Business in the Community (UK).
  • Nippon Keidanren 1 percent Club (Japan).
  • Founder member of ‘Glass for Europe’ grouping of European flat glass manufacturers (Belgium).

Children’s Day in Brazil

Children’s Day in Brazil

Group operations in São Paulo and Caçapava annually arrange transportation and food for deprived schoolchildren during the celebration of Children’s Day (O Dia das Crianças) in Brazil.