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Approach to reporting

The NSG Group Sustainability Report 2012 forms part of our non-financial performance communications and reflects Group, regional and site-level reporting. Unless otherwise stated, the Report covers those businesses over which the NSG Group has management control.

All environmental and safety performance data relates to Calendar Year 2011, but financial performance figures are based on the Financial Year 2012.

Data relating to the environmental performance of Group operations covers 31 float and five rolled glass sites. Joint venture sites where we do not have operational control are excluded. All Automotive and Glass downstream processing are also included in the reporting. Safety statistics shown cover our ‘workforce’ (employees and permanent contractors).

Our environmental and social performance is of interest to our stakeholders and important to our business success and we have been reporting on these matters since 2002, in successive environmental, social activity, or CSR reports.

We published our first Sustainability Report in 2009, when we decided to widen our reporting to cover all aspects of Sustainability. In June 2009, we published our Group Sustainability Policy, setting our Sustainability agenda, and in December 2009 established a Group Sustainability Committee to direct, coordinate and monitor our efforts to improve our approach to Sustainability.

In 2010, the Board agreed specific Sustainability targets for the Group. These are shown on page seven of the 2011 Sustainability Report, along with an account of our progress towards them.

In the same year, Shiro Kobayashi was appointed as the Group’s Director of Sustainability. He chairs the Sustainability Committee, which is leading our efforts to ensure that the principles of sustainable development are embedded in all of the Group’s activities. We will report further on our progress in our 2013 Sustainability Report, to be published in early 2014.

The NSG Group Sustainability Report 2012 has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, which provide a globally recognized framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, social and environmental performance and responsiveness. We have self-declared our performance at application level B. 

To keep the size of the printed report to a minimum, we have included additional information, charts and tables covering our performance on the Sustainability section of our website.