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Products for Industrial Applications

This section includes products that fall within the Industrial Applications Products category as follows:

Product:  MICROGLAS® Glasscord

Description:   Continuous glass fiber with improved adhesion to rubber, a trait provided by the application of special surface treatment

Glasscord is incorporated into power transmission belts of automobiles, industrial machines and office equipment as reinforcement, providing excellent tensile strength, flexural fatigue resistance, dimensional stability and heat resistance. MICROGLAS® Glasscord

Product:  Curlsorber

Description: Light weight, flexible and flame resistant glass fiber designed to absorb microwave

Curlsorber reflects microwave, and reduces electric field strength at least 20dB down at broadband (frequency in 2 to 20Ghz). Curlsorber

Product:  SILIGLASS®

Description: Silica glass fiber with superior temperature resistance

SiliGlass is suitable for high temperature applications like non-flammable curtains. SILIGLASS®

Product:  MC Paper

Description:  Ceramic paper of 0.25mm in thickness

MC Paper maintains physical strength over the wide range of temperature, and is suitable for high temperature applications including gasket and packing as specialty paper. MC Paper