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Our Automotive products include advanced solar control glass for passenger comfort, glass heating systems to control condensation and icing, security glazing and glazing systems, including encapsulations, extrusions and components added after basic manufacture.


Integrated Systems

Atmospheric Comfort

Acoustic Comfort


Thermal Comfort

Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort

Solar Control Glazings

Glass that reduces the effects of solar heat build-up inside the car. It improves passenger comfort, reduces air conditioner and therefore engine load, increasing fuel economy.  It also reduces ultraviolet transmissions, increasing the life of interior materials.

Water Management Glazings

  • Hydrophobic Coated - a coating on the glass that rapidly clears rainwater from the car windows, increasing passenger visibility.
  • Heated - glass heating systems that remove condensation from internal glass surfaces and ice from external surfaces.

Glazing Systems

Any components or features added after basic manufacturing to increase value to the customer. Examples include door cassettes or door modules: where internal door components are mounted on a frame. These are inserted in the door, significantly reducing assembly time. In encapsulation, the window frame or gasket are moulded directly onto the glass in a closed mould process.

Laminated Sideglazings

Composite glass/polymer side glazings, that help reduce noise, increase attack resistance and reduce UV entering the vehicle.

Integrated Antennas

Glazing fitted either with wired or printed TV/radio/mobile antennas.

Acoustic Glazing

Special laminated interlayers help reduce the effect of wind, tyre and engine noise and improve voice recognition inside the vehicle.


Large area sunroofs that increase the amount of light entering the vehicle, creating a greater feeling of space and openness to the environment.