NSG Develops World’s Thinnest Transparent Electro-conductive Coating Glass

08 Mar 2018

TOKYO (March 8, 2018)  -  NSG Group announced today that it has produced a 0.7 mm-thick glass with transparent conductive oxide thin coating (NSG TEC™). Produced with online chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology during the glass manufacturing process, it is the world’s thinnest glass with transparent electro-conductive coating manufactured with online CVD.

NSG TEC™ will be displayed during Digital Signage Expo 2018 in Las Vegas (March 27-30) and SID Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles  (May 21-23).

Widely in use for solar cells, buildings, cars and various electronics and medical devices, there is an increased demand for the glass with transparent electro-conductive coating that is thinner and lighter while being durable and resistant to chemicals.

Highly experienced in online coating of conductive oxide using the CVD device, NSG Group has been active in the development and manufacturing of the glass with transparent electro-conductive coating designed to meet new market needs. 

NSG Group is currently preparing NSG TEC™ for practical applications while presenting proposals to customers. 


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